Perfect World

During the summer, as I live on a modest salary derived from teaching, and I can’t stand to be gone from home for extended periods, my family vacations have become routine–routine in that we always go camping and routine in that we always go to the same lake some 60 miles southwest of our home.  With an almost six year old, and an almost four year old, everything else is always an adventure.  The lake also harbors some extremely tasty fish, which I spend most my time looking for while there.

Sometimes I take a book with me.  Invariably I have something to read for school, which means painstaking annotations, notes, marginata, etc. while drifting across the lake.  Last year I read Boy’s Life (not the magazine) while drift fishing across the lake.  I’m quite sure I missed a number of bites as the text was absorbing in itself.

I have joked with my wife, on a number of times, that if it were possible for a reasonable amount of money I would like some sort of a satellite hookup on my laptop.  Could one make this work?  Cellphone connections are dicey at best at the lake, so packet loss from that type of rig would be less than optimal.  Is there a way to take a laptop to the great outdoors, and miss all the outdoor stuff because you have a good internet connection?

I can see it now.  “Honey, you go out on the boat.  I just need to grind another 893 sentient beings to finish this step in the Claymore quest.”

I am curious as to the viablity of my plan.  If in fact it is possible, vacations may be less routine.  At least now I am getting my vitamin D while out on the water.  But what of my ratonga?  He has needs when I’m away.


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