Refresher Course for Everquest II Veterans

Guildmates and friends have sent me a number of links over the past week, since my return to Everquest II.  Being a tradeskiller and a harvesting junkie–fulginate is going for over 1.2 g a cluster on Crushbone at this very minute–I needed a refresher course on what’s what in the world of nodes.  I also needed help with quests and a variety of other items.  Rather than tell me what to do, most people opted to IM me a link.  Why give a man a fish when you can teach him to catch one himself?  Here are a few of the most useful.

Based on Stargrace’s advice, I added the following two sites:

  • From EQ2-Daily, EQ2 Wiki for general help.
  • EQ2I for quests, spoilers, items, etc.

I know there are many other worthy sites, and I’d be happy to list them next time I revisit this post/topic.  However, these are the most popular sites for me, and I think the coverage between them all is excellent.  I have to add that I play with a two-monitor setup, so I can put up maps, quest guides, etc. on the right hand side while playing on my main screen.  This is also useful for watching movies or TV (a good cable TV card is a must) while grinding along.

Finally, In a shameless parody of TAGN, I’d like to recap the weekend–57 hits in a day may not seem like many, but for me that is a successful day.  I have to thank Wilhelm for putting my “Two Box Equation” article up on  I would also like to point out that the handsome (did I just say that about a ‘toon?) barbarian with the very Shiny Brass Halberd in his header is indeed the Meclin.  As proof here he is in a helmet–tier 5 vanguard fulginate.  I think I liked this look better.


Happy hunting!


2 Responses to Refresher Course for Everquest II Veterans

  1. Stargrace says:

    I can’t stand allakhazam’s since they’ve added banners and what not to it over the years, and the colours grate on my nerves — but — I see you forgot to add the EQII wiki that’s a HUGE help for quest information out there, and written for players by players etc.

    Be sure to check it out! Also, don’t forget that they’ve added a /browser command in game, so you don’t have to window out / do anything special to look up maps or quests any longer! Ah what a glorious world Norrath is.

  2. Wilhelm2451 says:

    Now how many of those sites have I sent you in IMs recently? 🙂

    I will confirm that the current banner on my blog does feature Gaff’s main character fighting undead giants in the Thundering Steppes. The picture is probably two years old and, as usual, while we were in a big fight, I was standing back framing up screen shots rather than keeping him healed.

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