SOE Station Access Rate Hike Rankles Some

The above title is my attempt at journalism.  Not the slanted journalism you hear berated and burned in effigy daily on talk radio.  No, this is true objectivity.  I’m writing on the internet aren’t I?  What more proof do you need?  Let’s start with a quote from a friend’s MMORG blog.  You can read his comments, complete with links to previous discussions and other blogs here.

So far all I see for $5 more per month is things I already have.  If they threw me a bone and gave me, say, the EQ2 stats as part of Station Access I’d probably be okay.  But to run a 20% price increase and give the subscribers nothing?  Insanity!  I want to know which mail-order diploma mill sold the faux MBA to the guy at Sony who came up with that plan.

This is indicative of what most SOE (and probably some non-subscribers who like to throw rocks) think about the rate hike.  If I did subscribe to Station Access I would be upset as well.  However, I gave it up when I last returned to Norrath in Fall ’06.  I had to talk to Sony customer service, which was both enjoyable and productive.  The last was not sarcasm–every time I have had to call SOE (I still don’t like to interact about business things on a computer) they have been more than helpful.  I even went so far as to compliment the people I dealt with directly.  Then I was instructed to delete extra characters until I had six ‘toons and all would be right with the world.  I already had my other account, so now I was ready for two boxing!

Back to the price hike–I don’t have a solution.  I do have a question.  Is this really affecting a large number of Sony subscribers?  Or, if in fact it does, is it only effecting people who were willing to pay a bit extra for more character slots to play, say, EQ2, but don’t actively play any of the other games?  While I have no empirical evidence (i.e. statistics) I think the latter is true of most the proverbial “ink” I have seen slung about the ‘net.

If you do have some stats, drop a line in the comment section.  I would be happy to put them up here, providing you can cite the source.  As far as I’m concerned, I pay for two accounts, monthly, and get 12 character slots.  I am entirely too obssessional to play another game at the same time, though I am intrigued by some of the original Everquest versus Everquest II zone comparisons.   Perhaps this summer I will pay for Station Access long enough to do one of my own.


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