The Return of the Return to Norrath

As I click “view site” on my ‘blog dashboard, I notice the “Two Friends Head Back to Norrath” comment from The Ancient Gaming Noob (TAGN for those of you in the know). The article was from last October, and indeed I headed back to play my main, Meclin a 60 guardian, and dabble with my alt’s. I did run Meclin, with the help of friends, up to level 68.5. I should hit 70 sometime with him. However, after a few days I decided to use my second account and try two boxing—this happy circumstance coincided with my discovery that while guardians were great for taking damage, they were not much for soloing any real content. Enter Gaff and Lurk (pictured on my header).

I started my Ratonga beserker Gaff and picked up with a new Fae fury just to mix it up and was off to the races in the new zones of Echoes of Faydwer. In fact, the Fae, named “Rella” by my daughter, was a reaction to seeing high-end furies literally obliterate mobs with AoEs. For two months I hit the game every night, and around level twenty switched to mentoring with the Froglok mystic Lurk on my second box. I figured he would be the ‘toon I wanted to take to endgame anyway, so why wait to play him? This went on until Gaff was in the upper 30s, and Lurk the low 40s.

I tore through content—returning to the old world zones and dungeons to exploit (used generically here) the high master chest drop rates in such dungeons as Stormhold, Varsoons, and eventually Runnyeye. My obsessive gaming nature was bearing fruit—I stopped tradeskilling my 70 provisioner (Lurk) and concentrated on milking all the gold possible from new transmuters. It was all going great—I even had an occasional friend join for some added DPS. That was my downfall.

Noticing how much easier downing bosses, not to mention spawning them, was with an additional DPS class, I grew a bit apprehensive about my future with this duoing combination. Coupled with a good friend and former collegue’s decision that Norrath was not the place for him, I grew weak. Blizzard would soon own my soul again. However, with some two boxing experience under my belt, I felt I could go on to what many, including myself, believed was a dumbed down MMORG and conquer. This was not to be—I wrote on some of the problems with two boxing content in World of Warcraft yesterday.

After a couple of months back in Azeroth, roughly December ‘06 through February ‘07, I realized that WoW was just not doing it for me. I switched my main to a druid, leaving the tank class behind. Part of the reason I could not stomach WoW was the inability to utilize both my machines adequately to conquer content, some of the problem was boredom, a lot of the problem was unhappiness with the guild I had joined. They ran great content, the guild leaders worked very hard, and all of that—I would be the last to disparage their contribution. But something, and I plan to articulate it in a future article, (it will come to me, and is probably related to my previous article on the subject of raiding) just seemed to rankle.

So I am back to Everquest II. I am unhappy that I left, for a second time. I always feel like I have wasted a whole lot of opportunities when I leave a game for an extended period. It’s as if it is a race or something. However, that feeling is slowly dissipating, and I am beginning to enjoy the playtime I have, and not look to “get ahead” in the shortest possible time. That being said, I am recovering from the “kill one thousand sentient beings” even as I write this…but that’s another story.


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