The Longeviety of the MUD

After restarting my ‘blog with a slightly different direction, i.e. Mmorg commentary and general musings about Everquest II and other online activites, I began surfing the community to see what was out there. Tipa writes on West Karana about a diverse and interesting scope of topics, but what caught my eye was something familiar.

As a former MUD addict, in the early to mid-nineties, I spotted some familiar screen in Tipa’s article about Everquest I as a DikuMUD.  Intriguing.  Interesting.  And ironic.  Apparently the original creators of Everquest played on “Sojourn” as it was called at the time.  Today it goes by the name of TorilMud and is in, at least, its third incarnation.  The forgers are actually in the midst of making TorilMud 2.0, and it is exhaustively discussed by the hardened core of players still sticking with the genre in the midst of what was once purported as the “graphical MUD.”

I enjoyed the article, and especially the idea of taking the genre almost full circle, back to the orgin of the online experience, anyway.  Toril itself is based upon the Advanced Dungeon and Dragons Forgotten Realms world, and has slipped by since it is non-profit.

I should disclose that I posted a comment on the West Karana article as “Meclin” which covered some of the points here–I apologize for not using “Gaff” but habit took over and Meclin has been my main since the MUD days, and it’s a hard habit to break.  After experiencing Everquest and World of Warcraft the MUD was not a hard habit to break, but like many addicts I just replaced my drug of choice with another, more powerful one.


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