Fae’s are for Girls

One unforeseen result of the new Fae race in Echoes of Faydwer was entirely predictable.  For some time I have entertained my daughter with the “froggie” in EQII, used bear, cat, and even seal form in WoW to awe and overwhelm, and generally involved her with the cutesy parts of my gaming experience.  But I failed to predict the impact Fae’s would have on her.  I forgot both the power of winged cuties and pastel colors on girls inundated with Disney and the princess motif.

I am set to begin a new duo’ing combo, and have settled on a fury for AoE’s and heals, plus my tailor troubadour for no better reason than there aren’t too many around and he needs to get the hell out of Qeynos for a change.  I went to roll my Fae.  I thought of masculine names to make playing a Fae okay. I even went so far as to design his wings a white with black trim, completely ignoring the ambiguity that design pronounces.  No Freddy Mercury references, please.  The coincidence is entirely incidental.  Then my daughter showed up to see what I was doing.

“Daddy, is that a guuhrrl?”

“Um, no.  It’s a boy. But he has wings? See? He can fly around!”

“But I want pink.  And a guhhrl.”

At this point I realized the ‘toon was only level three and perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad.  The worst that could happen is I would be forced to explain why I had a female avatar.  However, I also realized my closest friend in-game has kids and would probably understand.  I quickly logged out and deleted the ‘toon.  I did bank the noobie food and drink, however.  Daughter in lap, we went to the character design screen.

“Pink.  She has to be pink! No, puurhpuhl.”

We made the wings–they were cleared and accepted after some manipulation.  Next, we tackled the hair.

“Which haircut do you like?”

“I like this!  Like this!” She tugged her bangs, combed her hair in her hands, and did her best to be both vague and demanding.  It was eerily like some conversations with my wife.  I scrolled through hairdo’s, up and down the list, zoomed in and out, generally trying to funnel her towards my favorite, a somewhat conservative ‘do with a nice bun on the back.  She opted for the straight-banged “Ultraviolet” look.  We had to compromise, but I set my foot down about pink hair.  That will have to wait until she is out of my house.

“Is this okay, honey?”

“Okay.  Can she fly?  I want her to fly!”

And fly she does–hopefully to level twenty and her new halfling second.  I have to admit, my daughter thinks she is cute, and that is enough to make it okay for me to play her I hope!  Besides, my new mmorg partner is happily snoring in my lap as I write, content she has added some beauty to the world.  Either that, or the second popsicle put her over the edge.


4 Responses to Fae’s are for Girls

  1. Stargrace says:

    awww the fae (and the daughter, for that matter) sound like little cuties 😉

  2. Spyte says:

    You are not alone! “Laralucy” – named after my 4 year old’s 2 best friends – is alive and well on Splitpaw server in all her purple winged, bang haired glory.


  3. Gaff says:

    I must admit, I actually made a Fae at EoF launch for her–it had hideous pink wings, and played her to 20. However, she was on the wrong account for me to two box with my troub, so this was a convenient time to rework the avatar.

  4. […] week, I have am focusing on my two lowbies, Ponto the troubadour and Shirk. Shirk is a fae fury I profiled a few weeks ago, but has lay dormant while I have been leveling my berserker/fury combo. I figured […]

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