Morning in Butcherblock–Or the Barrowdowns?

I have been angling towards a picture story, and found this while cleaning out my screenshot folder.  I realize it is a large pic to lead off with, but I couldn’t resist seeing it at a decent size.  I tend to do move things to folders by date, or picture type and then forget about what I “snapped.”  This was from last fall, during my brief return to EQ2.  I was committed to leveling in the new EoF zones, but soon went back to the “Old World” zones.

The picture itself is taking me in a new direction–how do EQ2, WoW, and other current MMOs, including LotRO, align with Tolkein’s vision?  I am not talking about creature comparison, or even literal translation of novel into immersive world.  It’s a given most of the fantasy-gaming genre owes a huge debt to J.R.R.’s work and vision and that LotRO is attempting to encompass his specific texts.  I have been musing on what I believe Tolkien intended–the creation of a mythology lacking for his England in the early 20th century.  A mythology in the same vein as the Greeks had in the Illiad and The Odyssey and one Virgil created for Rome with his Aeneid.

Simply, I think Tolkien wanted to create an archetypal pre-history for contemporary society.  Intersecting his world were creatures and characters with strikingly modern 20th century attributes, though he denied whenever possible that his works were in any way an allegory.  I think this is a topic for an article itself, once I pull together some source material, if available.

While I’m thinking about whether mentioning Tolkien and MMORG in the same sentence will instantly brand me as a heretic, enjoy the end of the week! 


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