New ATI 7.2 Catalyst Suite Installed

In guild chat yesterday, I noticed someone complaining about updating drivers. In fact, they were complaining about ATI—I bit my lip, as it were, since ATI is easy and quick. I continue to buy their products (I’m on my 3rd card) from them because of reliability and ease of driver installation. I am going to buy a new computer in a month or two, and am seriously considering the ATI 1950 Pro, despite Blintz’s issues. I will buy mine from a store, rather than online, so as to avoid any mail order shenanigans if something does go wrong.

I have been running an ATI Radeon 800 XL for the past year, and it has worked very well. I am sold on ATI, though I have used an nVidia previously, and do not doubt they put out a quality product—perhaps I just had bad luck. My divergence from nVidia occurred after purchasing the much-touted 6800 GT a couple years ago for over $300. I also purchased a new power supply to run the card, which, if I recall correctly, was over $100. I even went so far as to modify my Sony Vaio’s case with a pair of tin snips in order to fit that power supply into what must be a proprietary space, rather than ordering a larger watt power supply from Sony (I assumed that would be an inordinate amount of money). Everything works and has worked in this configuration for for two years. What didn’t work was the 6800, so I returned it, and tried a new card.

Same problem.

Customer support told me it was a Vaio problem. At this point I decided I would go ATI, download one driver when there was an update, and have been happily gaming ever since.

I also run two monitors. I have not opened the EQII in-game browser yet, because I normally run it on the second monitor. The kids and I also can watch a movie, or TV, as the Vaio came with a TV tuner card as well.

When something weird happens in game, which is rarely, I go to the ATI site and get the single Catalyst package and update the drivers in about 20 minutes, counting the reboots. After installing the 7.2 Catalyst Software Suite yesterday, everything was back to normal.

I did not notice a big performance boost after updating yesterday, as in some past updates. However, everything is much brighter—the display even looks a bit crisper as well.


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