Horse Trading

I have a spending problem.  It isn’t limited to in-game items, like armor, trinkets, the sword with +1 str, etc.  It also happens when I’m in a store.  However, I am able to make money in Everquest II, provided I don’t mind sinking some time into harvesting.  I also knock out a few writs along the way up in Bonemire–by far the best profit seems to be in selling the rare items I can craft, and more consistently, level 70 five-hour drinks.

But my soon-to-be mains (yes, two of them), Gaff and Lurk are riding a Misty Mustang and a Rujarkian Hillrunner, respectively.  My former main, and current for guild membership and any tier seven raiding, has a Rujarkian Destrier from The Court of Truth.  Most of my alt’s, at least those I play with regularity, have mounts as well–I hate going slow.  I am also sad my jboots, SoW, pathfinding, and sprint do not stack with my horse.

Which brings me to a dilemma–I really, I mean really, want the new guild level 60 Ward-barded Cavalry horses for my three highest level toons.  I am not plush with coin, however.  I can afford one now for the big guard, but if he is soon to be an alt, I think I will sit on that urge for now, no pun intended.

I did find a great guide–many of you have probably seen it, but with the new mounts as well as the revamped look (it is still new to me, I’ve been gone darn it), this guide is quite handy and well-made .  It does come with a warning as being “graphics heavy.”  I did not notice any problems loading it, however.

See all the pretty ponies right here.


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  1. […] also was ready to buy a couple level 60 mounts, which I previewed here a while back.  The mount guide for Everquest II is awesome, and I certainly cannot take credit for […]

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