Double the Pain

During my recent Deathtoll excursion, we came across some unfriendly archers, to say the least.  I typically run through dungeons and tighter spaces in halfling form, as the big barbarian is difficult to see around.  I captured this image as we progressed towards the Amorphous Drake, thinking to myself, “Wow, these arrows are huge–what are they using, a ballista?”

Imagine my suprise when that sneaky Fae, Blintz, picked up the same motif the very next day.  I think we are in for some serious patent litigation.


2 Responses to Double the Pain

  1. Wilhelm2451 says:

    Hah! You’re an academic. You know the meaning of the phrase “I published first!”

    The arrows plus the Knights of the Cataclysm cloak (with makes you look very much like Sir Bedevere from the back) gives the scene a very Pythonesque air.

    You just need a giant wooden rabbit and some coconuts.

  2. Gaff says:

    As I plan to do this in a future article, comparing AAs and levels with you, I will say publicly this blog is a result of your success. I would never have thought to do it but for your TAGN site.

    However, if you think you can blatantly take arrows to the head when I have already been impaled repeatedly then purport that idea as original, you are mistaken. I will complete some diety quests and let my god sort this out if you do not retract your recent story!

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