The AA Climb: A Comparison

Following Blintz’s level progression as a 40 this and then a 44 that has been interesting—seriously. For one I play with Blintz, and secondly I only blog because of his success over at TAGN, so I will give him that credit—though I’d like to get back to some literary posts and perhaps find some real feedback on my more creative side in the future. But to the task at hand—comparisons of levels, AAs, etc. with my current ‘toons.

When EoF launched, I completely changed my typical play style as I began two boxing. Solo play in EQ2 demands questing, but with my duo combo triple up blues and even white mobs fell with relative ease. When I began to two box, I used a new Fae fury my daughter designed (this one was Rella, please don’t sick the trademark police on me) to level with my new Ratonga berserker. Around level 20 I realized that the real healer class I wanted to play was a mystic, and I just happened to have a Froglok, Lurk, who was level 38. I mentored Gaff and began to run Stormhold, farming named mobs. I was lucky enough to get a Berik’s starter, which came in handy when I finished The Bone Bladed Claymore.

From Stormhold, I progressed in a flurry of fur and reptilian rage through Varsoon’s and Runnyeye. There was little questing for my pair of dungeon crawlers, less downtime, and more master chests than I can count. Add one DPS class and it was a quick route to farmage. Seriously. I felt like a gold farmer I was getting so many master drops off named mobs. I learned the spawn pattern and used it to my advantage. This coincided with the advent of transmuting, so even my adepts were fetching 8-10 gold on the market, not to mention all the fae’s in need of those master skills. Life was good—and remains so though my adepts don’t seem to be doing as well as some.

Eventually, through mentoring the lower level character (Gaff) exclusively, I have almost achieved parity of levels with the two ‘toons. Yesterday Lurk hit 50 and I did a mini-victory dance, as that was once a milestone. Gaff hit 49 and is poised to nose over into tier 6 today. One thing I have noticed—rest experience is not burned at the same rate with the character that is mentoring—I can go through 50% of rest XP on Gaff, and since Lurk is mentored, he will barely dent 10%. I like that feature. But enough on logistics— lets compare stats.

Remember, I did not go quest-heavy on these ‘toons—if you look at their stats at EQ2.players they probably read just like farmers—few quests, relatively quick progression (except when I was a knucklehead and went back to try two boxing WoW), and a decent number of kills. I actually have not looked at their stats. Here is the breakdown of AA progression for each:

Gaff: Level 49 Ratonga Berserker
Level 48 Carpenter
40 AA points
Items: 23
Named NPCs killed:59
Quests completed: 44
Exploration events 192
Collections completed: 42

Bear in mind, Gaff was created when AAs, both trees, were in place (post EoF). In contrast, Lurk gained his first 38 levels during DoF after I had finished running my main, Mec, to 60.

Lurk: Level 50 Froglok Mystic
Level 70 Provisioner (xegonberries are gold!)
32 AA points
Items: 9
Named NPCs killed: 57
Quests completed: 25
Exploration events: 127
Collections completed: 12

For a bit of color, here they sit atop the Great Pyramid in Cazic-Thule, yesterday, during a farming session.  We were out for the Screaming Mace, but came up empty on the named mobs we needed.

Now, in comparison my existing high-level ‘toon, these numbers neatly correlate to his progression. My main, Meclin, is a level 68 guardian. He was level 60 when both EoF and KoS launched, as for the latter I was away in Azeroth. So his only opportunity for AAs has come post-60. I have virtually stopped playing him, except to hit an occasional raids and to harvest tier 7, as two boxing is just entirely too much fun. Not only that, I prefer the berserker for tanking in a duo or three ‘toon group—DPS and AoE attacks make it worthwhile. Here is where the barbarian stands:

Mec: Level 68 Barbarian Guardian
Level 68 Armorer
29 AA points
Items: 25
Named NPCs killed: 42
Quests Completed 18
Exploration events: 244
Collections completed: 14

Summation: It appears the AA mouse over statistics only displays your accomplishments since you were eligible for AAs. Meclin was a quest machine at one time, completing close to 500 before KoS. Lurk, as my second box and higher level ‘toon in the combo, has not received the same attention as Gaff, causing him to lag behind the berserker. I need to buy him a few collections, apparently. Oddly, his exploration events are also much lower—I can only guess this is because he has not been back through the starter areas either on the “Isle of Refuge” (retro is cool) or the surrounding zones in Qeynos.

Meclin has gotten a number of AAs while running raid instances with the guild. The best AA experience for Gaff and Lurk has been Heritage quests. Last night, with Blintz, we finished “By Hook or by…” netting a full 70% AA XP, in addition to the exploration gained in The Tower of the Draftling, a few named mobs killed, etc. I am interested to see where I am in terms of AAs as these two characters approach the end of tier 7.

To state the obvious, it is nice to have a ‘toon that can take full advantage of each tier’s named mobs and quests, without having to find a lower level player to mentor, and maximize the AA climb while grinding the adventure levels. As one poster to TAGN’s 44/44/44 article stated, clearing out your journal of green quests will net you some good AA progress. I do not have first hand experience with a level 70 “toon—apparently AA XP is much easier to gain once you hit the adventure level ceiling.


2 Responses to The AA Climb: A Comparison

  1. Hey Gaff!

    Thanks for the link on your site to my blog! I’ll return the favor. I must admit that I didn’t know about your blog.. but I put it in my reader now! There’s a lack of real good running commentary about EQ2, so you’ll be a great read every day. Do you feed your stuff on EQ2-Daily? I feel like I go there a lot but have never come across this blog.

    Sorry, I’ll post relevant comments next time I swear!:)

  2. Gaff says:

    I actually found yours by reading TAGN who I play EQ2 with–he put my blog into EQ2 daily. For some reason they have not picked up my AA article, but most of my posts have been on their list over the last couple weeks–it is under “Trot Line” with a green background.

    Thanks for the link. I am trying to put something up each day, but I can see a busy future at work so I may become a bit less frequent for a bit.

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