Picture of my Week

EQ2 photography as art?  I did not want to scale this down for aesthetic reasons, so you’ll have to click the thumbnail to decide!

A longtime friend and fellow MUD veteran (the female rat to the left) and my duo have been hunting over the last few days–we were in search of named mobs and AA location XP and happened upon this corner of Steamfont.  I could not resist posing a pic!  The hot water pools in the background are, for lack of a better term, cool.  Gaff, my berserker broke not only level 50, but 51 yesterday.  For those of you interested in stats, that is level 50 adventure, 48 carpenter in 12 days, 23 hours.  I have no idea if that is good or not, I just know it is a fraction of the time it took my first ‘toon.  Lurk, who made 50 the day before, reached that level and 70 provisioner in 19 days, 21 hours of play time.

Other updates:

  • I have added a “how to” section for all of the “trot line” driven search terms.  I realize a lot of people find this site looking for information on how to run a line, so I have obliged, complete with pictures.  For the record, I am using that term as an extended metaphor to explain why I ‘blog.  If your curious, it is one of the tabs above–and yes, that is my son and me in the pictures.  They are also real fish–and I ate all of them.
  • New links!  Fannypacks of MMO Evolution has been added to my MMO commentary section.  I am still looking for some other sites–I am willing to reciprocate links.
  • Congratulations to TAGN for making the EQ2players Town Crier! even if he did it by stealing my “arrow to the head” scoop.   Seven months of daily articles finally netted him some official recognition.  Does this make him a sell out?
  • With the help of Wilhelm I figured out how to post thumbnails!  I do not need to overwhelm you with giant image-laden posts.  I reserve the right to post full size pics, however.
  • Speaking of pics, I have a new header.  It is the pick of my week, from the other side.

Search Terms and other Housekeeping Tasks

  • My most popular search term(s) of late is related to “two box,” “two boxing,” or some derivation thereof–many times it has the key words “druid,” “WoW,” “EQ2,” or some other term attached.  As for two boxing WoW, I only have one article touching on that subject.
  • Best search term:  “where is norrath in wow” I refuse to use this site to flame, disparage, or in anyway insult visitors or other people (my ire with TAGN is in good fun).  However, I should clarify that Norrath is specific to EQ2 and not in WoW.  There is a large number of things that each game has implemented, or borrowed, from the other, however.  For example, EQ2 transmuting=WoW enchanting, EQ2 Tinkering=WoW engineering, griffons, etc.
  • I did get one search for “biggest mud sojourn toril” which is nostalgic, I think.
  • Most of the other searches, when not concerned with how to run a trot line, have some word touching on fae’s, Everquest II, WoW, crafting/tradeskilling, or a specific class.
  • Coming soon:  expanded sidebar widgets to include helpful links and perhaps a few podcasts.  I recommend and enjoy EQ2-Daily’s podcast for a good listen.  I also want to thank EQ2-Daily.com for posting links to my articles, and the other blogger around the ‘net.
  • Average hits–around 120-130 a day.  I consider that a success!  Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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