If You Have a Gambling Problem…

Then this Everquest II feature is not for you.

I must admit I never played the Gigglegibber before a couple days ago.  When I moved on to the Desert of Ro for some AA and XP, I found this guy by the carpet quest mob.  I knew I was plush with silver from selling back crafted items, so I began to let fly the tumblers.  Of course, I haven’t won more than 10 silver in about 40 tries.

I can’t pass this guy without spinning the wheel.  I think it is proof of that old saying, “The Lottery is a tax on people bad at math.”  However, in front of my face is evidence that I can make a fortune!

If I win it big I may retire from adventuring for coin, and move to one of those five bedroom jobs in South Qeynos.


4 Responses to If You Have a Gambling Problem…

  1. Stargrace says:

    Heh, on Lucan, that jackpot has never been won. It currently sits at over 1,600 plat. We’re all certain that it’s fixed to just sit there, and taunt us. I can’t remember the amount of plat I’ve spent myself on it, 10s here 30s there. I normally stop by as I’m running through and just play with the silver I have on me.

  2. Gaff says:

    That is a lot of money. Does it just pay out what people have spent on it? If so, that is a lot of silver.

  3. Stargrace says:

    It’s even worse, it pays out a portion of what people have spent on it, not the entire amount I believe.

  4. Gaff says:

    Oof. Well, I’m sure the Gibberwhatchacallit has some overhead 🙂 I am still playing the damn thing–can’t resist.

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