Everquest II Nostalgia

Perusing former posts and pictures, I have come across a few screenshots of what I tend to think of as “the good ole days.”  Actually, the game has improved significantly, not just in terms of gameplay, but in scope and depth.  I have kept these pics to recall the good times and the grind we all experienced–I will float a few out now and then.  With the revamp of Deathfist Citadel, I thought I would share a couple from one of my guild’s numerous trips to that zone.  I will soon return to finish the two HQs requiring Emporer Fyst.

The intense fight and teamwork required for the Emporer Fyst fight/zone is one of my favorites, aside from the lag created by every orc ever spawned in Zek running willy-nilly about the castle.  I also loved tanking in halfling form, for the sheer irony of it all.  I hope the lag has been fixed by the new zone.  Note: in the first pic, the fight with the Emporer, I’m wearing the old fulginate vanguard plate.  The second two pics are from my first trip into the zone, still in my trendy carbonite vanguard from tier 3.  The red mobs would not completely destroy you at that time–you could still take a couple hits from much higher level mobs–another change to the game.

 And where have all the access fights gone?  Sure, it’s great to be able to zone into any zone at will, but it always made you feel a little special to actually quest your way into say, the Enchanted Lands while still in tier 3 gear when few others earned that right until later.  TAGN published an analysis discussing the ship side of the game, which touched on the whole boat issue some months back as well.  But the fight was the thing!

I was all of level 27 or so when I earned my Zek and Enchanted Lands access–all the cool kids had it! 

Favorite nostalgic moments? Let’s hear about it.


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