Pathing–Bane of the Two Box

One problem with two boxing, in any game, “second” box toon tends to follow a less than exact line behind your primary, or control, toon.  However, if the second toon didn’t swerve to cut corners it would appear a bit odd, and cause a whole host of other problems I’m sure.  In EQ2 the worst pathing problems have to do with elevation–if the toon I control, the tank, jumps up on a rock to fight something, sometimes my healer will take off in a random direction on what appears to be autorun.  This can be bad–he will run into other baddies more often than not, leading to rebuffing sessions at some distant location.  I am getting better at catching him though.  Further aggrevating this problem, the two computers connection lags–they each have to go through my modem, out onto the ‘net, through the game server, and then each ‘toons location is communicated to the other, which is looks strange from my perspective.  On one computer I’m right behind the first toon, where the other toon’s perspective puts the second box at some distance from me.

 If this is confusing, let me illustrate.  Climbable walls.  The seem nice, let you travel in a new direction, avoid mobs you have aggro’d  on your way there, etc.  With two accounts, you have to stop, dismount, and put each toon on the wall individually or you end up with this:

Now Lurk, the mounted Froglok, is not falling.  I don’t have that fast of reflexes.  He was stuck on that wall, on his horse, in mid jump.  All because I forgot to dismount, and bring each down individually.  Sometimes he appeared above me, sometimes below, depending on where I moved the camera.

We lost a few HP on impact (read: once I unstuck him from the wall and fell).  


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