Are You Familiar With This?

Sunday morning–I was set to begin my Rallos Zek quest.  His thirst for clockworks was first on my list of things to sate, and I began in Klak’Anon.  It was April Fools Day, so I endured the /cutemode for the sheer novelty of it all.  I was focused on getting my two familiars and even two oversized heads would not keep me from my goal. 

I must admit, chosing the Rallos diety was a blind choice–I only selected him because I knew you had to be a Freeportian.  What is the point of enduring Lucan if you can’t get a masochistic, blood-drenched, evil orc-loving diety?  I have seriously considered putting up the RP tag for the first time in my life.  “Hark, elf scum.  You will do nicely impaled by Rallos’s unrighteous rage!”  I’m guessing they wouldn’t see my next line since that would make the /ignore list.  I was lucky with my choice, however.  Rallos gives strength to his flock, and that’s just the thing form my berserker.

The Rallos Zek quest resulted in a lippy little giant–he adds 22 strength buff to your toon, and you must be evil–both are useful attributes.  The “Friend of Growth” gives your Tunare follower 10.9 wisdom and agility increase.  I wonder if this is like gas prices–SOE is afraid to show you an 11 point buff?   they must be a subsidiary of Exxon.  Here we are, /cutemode and all, after completing both quests.

Perhaps my most recent viewing choices on TV are at fault, but my Warrior of Zek looks a lot like “Mini-Me.”

I have seen some interesting names for familiars, but apparently you have to do another quest at a later level for that honor.   A friend named his “Viagra” and seems quite proud when you comment on it.  Another floated past me named “Steroids.”  I’m unsure if you get the option to name the giant–if he wouldn’t wax proverbial I’d be happy.

The quest for the giant entailed 50 clockworks in Klak’Anon, then the slaughter of various mobs in Lesser Faydark.  Zek commanded that brownies, unicorns (which made me feel like you-know-who in Harry Potter), and fae drakes die, and die they did.  I even enjoyed it.

The Tunare quest required Lurk to find an instance off of Antonica, which scales to your level, apparently.  Lurk chose this diety only after being advised by what we term “Lani-pedia” that Tunare was the diety for healers.  The quest was level 55 and only Lurk, the Tunare worshipping hippy frog, could enter.  He cleared some mobs that continually repopped before destroying three idols.  Next, he was requred to collect three different herbs and set up an altar in the middle of the circle.  Once I realized I had to collect herbs for this Tunare goddess of Hemp person I almost renounced my affiliation, but if she can help my healing I will endure the taunts of the more main stream, diety-affiliated players.  I guess Gaff’s loyalty to Zek the Bloodthirsty sort of balances things.

Speaking of which, I ran into his Herald and some friends in the new Deathfist Citadel Saturday night.  They were less than happy with the intrusion.  I hope he doesn’t find out my allegience is only as deep as the AA experience his named priests will yield.  It appears they mistook my DPS as an offering, and began to stick him like no bugbear has before.


4 Responses to Are You Familiar With This?

  1. Stargrace says:

    No quest to name your pets, simply /petname bob – and the next pet you summon, will be called bob. =) Now you too can have your very on viagra

  2. Gaff says:

    Woot! I knew there was something I was missing–I tried to right click, and all it gave me was hail. I also tried to pick them up and name them in my inventory, which is what you do with your dragon and such.

    Thanks. I figured someone would know 🙂

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