Early Unrest

I was just finishing up a quest in the “Old World” of Norrath when a friend asked if I’d like to see Unrest.  Apparently, some of the zone had been cleared, though the trip did kill me twice, and I wanted to see what Unrest looked like for myself.  I spent a little time in the zone in Everquest and have perused some of the comparision articles as well–it was time to  see the update first hand.

I thought about taking the EQ2-Daily challenge and running to the gates when I hit level 50, but it slipped my mind. I do not like to experience zones early, normally. I think the draw, at least for me, had a lot to do with the hype surrounding Unrest’s release. I just couldn’t help but go look. 

I really like the setting.  It continued a theme I first experienced in Nek Castle.  In fact, there isn’t much I can add to the reviews of Unrest that are out there, as I didn’t fight anything, except all the praise is well-earned.  The music is unique and adds wonderful depth to the entire atmosphere.  Graphically, the zone is full of small detail and a great use of both color and texture.

The approach–you get a nice long look at the environs and the structure.

Your treated to an EQ-esque view of the main manor house.

Your next landmark on the way to the front door is the fountain:

The dining room:

A hallway inside the manor:

A level 80 mob, that smacked me around when I tried to take a closer screenshot:

A tossed room–poltergeist??

Down into the dungeon:

The fog effects in the lower level hallways are spectacular:

The obligatory torture chamber:

Posing in the lower level:

At the heart of the dungeon is what I termed, the Bat Cave–the swirling critters made for a great effect.

My next trip will be to clear the mobs–look for named mobs downed and loot earned in future Unrest installments.


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