Brief Group

With little time to play this week, I have am focusing on my two lowbies, Ponto the troubadour and Shirk. Shirk is a fae fury I profiled a few weeks ago, but has lay dormant while I have been leveling my berserker/fury combo. I figured I could let my level 56 ‘toons get a bit of rest in anticipation of some weekend grinding and still progress with the other two characters.

I am not convinced this is a viable, stand-alone (no pun intended) combo. With my tank/healer configuration I can take down most bosses in a dungeon, providing they are close to my level. In fact, that was my sole occupation from Stormhold, to Varsoon’s, and then Runnyeye. I have continued to hunt bosses through the Desert of Ro, Pillar of Flames, and a the EoF zones.  With a chain tank (the troubadour) and a “heal over time” fury, can I still take down bosses? I think I will be okay questing for the most part, but may have to get a little help on the heroic mobs.

I am not convinced this is the best “secondary” two-box group, but I think finding a tank will be easier than a healer. I also don’t plan on playing these two ‘toons that often, so perhaps a little variety will do me some good. I guess I could go the way of the farmer and get an inquisitor/warlock group, but then I would miss out on all the music floating through the air.

The nice thing about having a character in the teens is you can earn quick levels in an hour or so and mentoring with the troub has sped the process up even more. This is perfect for when I only have an hour or so to play. When I was a solo one box pedestrian, I would use small time windows to harvest. I have to say that gets old after the first couple years.


2 Responses to Brief Group

  1. Alex says:

    My opinion is that the best 2 box combo is Berserker / Templar. I’ve boxed them up to level 70 and have been to do just about everything I ever wanted. In fact, I started another Berserker / Templar combo on a different server to go back and relive the game and quests.

    I tried a Monk / Fury combo and did not like it. I also tried a Monk / Warden with the same outcome.

    Berserker does nice DPS and is a plate tank. The templar has great retroactive and direct heals, and mit and HP buffs. I just always loved this combo.

  2. Gaff says:

    Ahh, I have not played a templar, but that was my other choice. I went with the fury for the AoE damage plus heals. I was under the impression the templar didn’t do that much damage, but again I have not played one. My berserker does do a lot of damage, especially compared to my former guardian main. The mystic I have him grouped with is getting up there with melee after maxing out the melee tree.

    Thanks for the input!

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