What to Make?

Despite misgivings about my “B” team two-box combo (the troubadour and fury), I am going to move ahead and begin grinding a tradeskill with the fae, or pursue one of the secondary skills on a higher level character.  Ponto is already at the end of the leatherworking mountain, and I have an armorer, jeweler, provisioner (cha-ching!), and a carpenter.  My question is what tradeskill profession should I try next?

I put this question to one of our “cartel” and he reminded me we probably have all of the tradeskills covered 2x, but I still would like to work on another crafter.  I am reluctant to return to transmuting, though it seems a logical choice.  I worked for 10-12 hours on getting drops, transmuting, etc. and only reached a skill of 25 or so.  I have saved some loam and ore for possible tinkering, but have yet to really make a commitment to that line of work either.

The only other profession I am leaning towards is alchemy.  I have read the bad reviews and understand that there isn’t any money to be made.  However, I don’t really tradeskill anything but my provisioner for coin–with the exception of rare items I put up for sale.  I haven’t really turned many rares into items of late since inevitably I will have to repurchase pelts, ore, etc. for alts upon reaching the appropriate tier.

The appeal of alchemy is potions–WoW pot’s were intuitive–potion of healing, greater healing, super healing, etc.  You have potions of strength, stamina, critical hit boosts, and armor as well.  I have not looked extensively into the alchemist recipe books, but do know we have a number of decent potions available in EQ2 as well, providing you know what the recipe is called.

In the negative column for an alchemist, I do not need the Adept IIIs–with two plate tanks in game, both either tier 6 or 7, I have few skills that are not already adept III or higher.  I also have several sources for new skills if needed.  I guess that means I have sources for potions as well, which brings me back to transmuting and tinkering.  The negative with those is intimidating; the time sink is enourmous.  The plat sink is even larger if you really want to move quickly.  With little plat to my name, and lots of time, perhaps I should begin to collect loam.


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