Demonic Excess

I have never used the /cutemode command, and found the April Fools Day version of Everquest II an interesting experience–just as the alternate models are interesting occasionally.  My screenshots from the day are now stamped by the event.  I will even go so far as to say I enjoyed the look, at least for the day.

During my wanderings on Sunday, I went from Klak’Anon to Antonica questing my diety familiars.  I also found a new set of quest givers in Lesser Faydark late in the evening.  I had enough time to knock out a couple of their solo quests and maybe hit level 56 with Gaff, so off I went into the Vale.  By this point, I had almost forgotten that there was anything new in the display.  I was lulled by the day of play. 

And here is where I met the original horny monster.  If it wasnt for his headgear, his bicuspids themselves would be tremendous.  At first I thought I have found a new mob, as by this time the /cutemode was part of the landscape.  I have always thought nightbloods were very cool–from the first ones I saw back in 2004, questing access to Zek and the Enchanted lands.

I have to ask–the second set of horns–what are their function?  In sharks, as I understand it, the teeth are constantly being replaced.  Could these redundant minature horns be for an emergency?  Perhaps they add balance when he is clashing against another ram, hoping to win the favor of a female.  Or is this a female?

For another look at the day, see TAGN’s “Big Head” article.  He made the EQ2 Town Crier for a second time with this one!  Congratulations Wilhelm.


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