Venture into Kingdom of the Sky

I took Gaff and Lurk (both level 56) up to the Tenebrous Tangle this week, hoping to do some easy quests and perhaps pick up a level.  It didn’t happen.  I picked up the quests, and I think two location XP updates, and went to work on the mobs.  I finished a few quests and realized I was better off back in Lesser Fay–the quests were not too high in TT, they just were not very productive.  I did find old Bellygrub spawned, so we took him out after clearing a few other mobs.  The general annoyance at pulling Droags and slow XP  led me to plan B.  Enter the Sanctum of the Scaleborn.

Traveling to that zone gave me another location update, but upon zoning I noticed the solo mobs lining the steps were level 62–still orange to my team.  One bright spot to the trip–I can harvest tier 7 with Gaff!  I have not kept up with the mystic’s harvesting, so one day I will have to spend several hours bringing him along from tier 4.  My venture into SoS did remind me of some early experiences I had in game.

I was in the mid-20s with my first toon (now level 69).  Some new friends were in some zone named “Varsoons” and let me tag along.  I was overawed by the graphics, big skeletons, and the mobs.  It was great–I think one strength of EQ2 has always been the vast amount of content in small nooks and crannies–although at this time, so close to launch, it was quite crowded.  I wasn’t high enough to be the main tank at this point, but rose to that height in the 30s–another aspect of the game I really enjoy.

I am currently moving Lurk the Mystic towards my main status, once he reaches a level that will allow him to raid tier 7 content.  I just am trying to find the happy mix between grinding and questing.  Quests are addictive for the AA experience, but I am moving towards a grinding stance.  I am going to try and pick up To Speak as a Dragon today, and then return to Solusek Eye and related zones.  I believe the mobs will still be worth XP.  I can also duo named mobs there, I think.


3 Responses to Venture into Kingdom of the Sky

  1. Stargrace says:

    eek no don’t get caught into the grind! *chuckles* Look away from the pretty lights!

    70 templar 70 fury 70 illusionist 52 conj 47 assassin 37 defiler a zerker, troubador, and swashbuckler, and one word of advice I can honestly give is – though the sparklies at the end of the level grind are appealing (ie: raids) they will only last so long. If there’s one thing I wish I had of done more, it’s taken the time to enjoy the quests / content for each level range fully before getting stuck into the ‘grind to level 70’ rout. Mentoring for quest turn ins for aa is fine, but there’s something about doing the quests at the proper range that just is much more satisfying.

  2. Gaff says:

    Yea, I feel like I’m blazing through compared to my main–I don’t recall his play time but he took quite some time to get to the end. I am currently trying to grind in the service of quests, if that makes sense 🙂

  3. Kesselia says:

    Yep I made the same mistake…when I hit lvl 59 I started “the grind” to 70 because I had joined a raid guild and they wanted me raiding T7 zones. Now that I’ve had my fill of raid guilds and the damn drama that I’m quite frankly sick of I’m back to working on alts and taking the “scenic” route of the game as well as working on my crafters. I have no urges to ever again join another raid guild unless they can show me the no drama rule is in place and working. *sigh* Take your time and take the scenic route….there isn’t much to be had at lvl 70 anymore once you’ve seen everything, done everything and have 100 AA.

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