Into Solusek’s Eye

Lurk and Gaff are soon to move up into Kingdom of the Sky for their adventuring, and I would like to start the Claymore series.  I had to go back with Meclin (my original main) the first time I started that quest and complete the To Speak as a Dragon quest, so I decided to get a head start with these two toons.  I completed the Words of Pure Magic quest in about two hours, with the help of a guildie, and was ready for Maidens Gulch.  I logged Meclin on and we two manned the boss fight.  Then Gaff and Lurk were free to get the “Speak” quest from the Sage of Ages.  The next step was Solusek’s Eye.

I am a glutton for pain and punishment–I wanted to two box my way to Nagafen while the zone was still green, for the most part.  I began Saturday night.  Lurk and Gaff heroically invised, only to find they had to fight their way to the first elevator, and then die to the invis-seeing ghost miners.  This took about thiry minutes.  I was in need of a new plan.

I adopted the FIC method; F* it, CHARGE.  No more invising, I would slay all that stood in my way.  For three hours I worked my way deeper into the lair of the giants.  I slew a couple named mobs on the way in, and came close to dying a number of times.  Mobs previous to the “pimp suite” area were level 49 heroics, on average.  Once I got to the “walkway” area, they were level 50.  It was decent xp, all things considered, and if I moved carefully I could handle it.  Here are Lurk and Gaff in the first room of the “pimp suite” after slaying the Keeper of Fates and getting the teleport access to the room.

After three hours, and watching both “Mad TV” and “Saturday Night Live” on the other monitor, I decided to camp.  The elevator seemed a good place to tuck the guys in for the evening.  Later, we discovered I had inadvertantly avoided falling through the world.  Two late-joiners on Sunday fell through the world upon exiting the elevator until they first went all the way down, and then up–I would have lost my mind if, after three hours, I had stepped off that elevator only to respawn at the entrance.

However, I had my old nemesis, pathing, come back to ruin the run on my second day in Solusek’s Eye.  As I was fighting on the walkways, I had to back up in order to engage Lurk in melee.  It has become something of an art to position mobs so Lurk can autoattack with his hammer without my having to manually position him and break autofollow.  In this case it was broken–by him falling off the ramp.  While I did not catch that moment (and Gaff died shortly after the incident), I did snap a a picture of the walkways.

After 4-5 hours of trying to get to Naggy on my own, I threw in the towel.  I hit 57 with both Lurk and Gaff on the trip and probably earned about 40% adventure XP and around 30% AA XP on named mobs.  I did not get a single location discovery event, however (I have never been into the zone before).  With the Words of Pure Magic, running around Lavastorm, and updates, I had gained much more AA XP, however.  I also had gotten the teleport access for Lavastorm, which is a very big deal if you are going to spend any time in Solusek’s Eye.

I admited failure after the two toons spawned back at the entrance to Solusek’s, and called in the big guns, a couple of level 70 friends to “summon” me to the end of the zone.  We fought through the antechamber, flagging me for the deserted instance, and then arrived at Domo and Nagafen.

Here is our first look at the Chamber of Nagafen.

A couple other angles on the boss.

All in all I enjoyed myself on the run–it’s nice to really try and do a quest as it was meant to be; with mobs that will fight you.  I only gave up because of time constraints and am planning on collecting all of the runes without help, or at least with the other people mentoring for XP.  I picked up the Qeynos rune after talking to the Sage of Ages in Antonica.  Word to the wise–the triple up level 60 guards hit hard, and no longer zone you out.  They kill you.  Luckily Lurk can ress, so I moved on to the Mage tower and got my first rune.


2 Responses to Into Solusek’s Eye

  1. Alex says:


    I hated Sol Eye. Man I remember back in the day when you had to run it to the entrance there every single time. There wasn’t a portal to the entrance of Sol Eye, nor a portal inside there. You had to run the entire thing. From the entrance of Lavastorm to the bottom of Sol Eye, talk about a pain in the rump. If it were not for AA exp, I would NEVER go to that zone! It’s sooo……. BLAH! LOL

    J/K It’s a great visual zone. Great color and detail. It’s just SO hard to get around there and such a HUGE zone. SoE did a great job on making a zone that frustrates me! Not that it’s a hard thing to do or anything…

  2. Gaff says:

    I forced myself to “do” the zone. I did take the “invis” shortcut for Permafrost, and am waiting until I get a level or two to go back for the “Speak as a Dragon” updates there.

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