Infiltration of Qeynos

After sneaking into South Qeynos via the Antonica gate, I scooted through the streets of the despicable Bayle clan.  My only suprise was two, green, triple-up guards with an attitude.  After Lurk ress’d the rat we moved on to get our “To Speak as a Dragon” updates.

We ventured into Qeynos Harbor and posed briefly in front of my old abode, the Fish House, before moving on to the bells and freedom.  My disguise was so complete, or betrayers of the Overlord so common, no one challenged us as we posed for pictures.

I hope the sewers of Freeport will be helpful for Lurk to get his update in the Library.

I continued to Cazic Thule, the Feerrott, Permafrost, Stormhold, and finally into the Obelisk of Lost Souls.  Unfortunately the mobs in most of these zones were grey to my level 57 duo.  I did get lucky in CT and spawn the last three named mobs I needed for the Screaming Mace heritage quest.

My plan for this week is experience–I need to gain a level or two, finish the last half of rune updates for the “Dragon” quest, and then begin the Claymore line in Tenebrous Tangle.  I think I may venture into the low side of the Loping Plains.


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