Boon of Rested Experience

There are two advantages, in relation to EQ2 and WoW, to having a full-time job.  One, you are always earning rested experience while your away, and two, you do not risk burning out by playing every waking hour.  The biggest disadvantage I have found, of late anyway, is I do not have time to deal with crafting.  I refuse to pay large sums of coin for raws, so I harvest with my highest level toon.

In fact, I got up extra early this morning to watch the news, drink some coffee, and harvest for a few minutes before going to work.  By the time I had the news up and coffee in hand, harvesting didn’t look all that appealing, especially as I knew I wouldn’t want to waste precious time in a tradeskill instance instead of working off the rested XP I have waiting on my duo.

The genuine boost granted by rest is one clear advantage in EQ2 versus WoW.  I never earned enough rest during a day with WoW.  It was gone within 20 minutes of playing in the evening.  I am hard put to use up the rest in EQ2, even on a weekend sometimes.  Questing helps–pushing the bar back further, but knowing you are earning the maximum XP for your buck, that is a good feeling.

I also have all my bonus XP pots laying around.  Sometime when I do have grind time I will have to catch up on crafting.


2 Responses to Boon of Rested Experience

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