Searching for the Week

As a number of people have pointed out, you get some interesting search terms after putting up a body of text on the internet.  By far the leading search terms contain something related to “Trot Lines,” “Trot Line Floats,” “Regulations,” etc.  FYI, there is a tab at the top if you are here looking for my write up on how to fish with a trot line.

Some other search terms are a bit more cryptic.  For example, these gems from the last week (pardon the caps, I am reposting as they were entered by the searcher):

    • The successful dealer gives his client the first few “fixes” for free–after that it is a 6 hour dungeon crawl you have to pay for–you may not like what you find!
  • EQ2 2 Box Classes   
    • When I first read this I thought the person was looking for a class on how to two box–now that I get it I’m not nearly as amused.
  • Everquest 2 named mobs   
    •  Do you have some time?  See the first bullet.
  • free college essay on comparision  
    • Okay, as a teacher this just offends me.  Whoever you are, I’m going to find out you didn’t do your paper.
  • Have Gambling Problem 
    • Again, if you have an addictive personality, this game/genre is not for you.  It is like methadone; not quite as good as the real thing but a must-have anyway.

 The winner, for sheer uniqueness, Lani-pedia.  I know it was you Lani–your just looking to see what we are saying about you.  What’s next?  Lani-wiki?

Oh, and the random link of the week, something about Line Art.  This just goes to show you, linking me will get you a link back!  I have no clue how I ended up on this site, except that I once used the word “art” to describe getting ‘toons to path correctly on autofollow.


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