I began writing up the thrilling adventures of my mystic and berserkers’ quest for runes to finish the “Speak as a Dragon Quest.”  Then I realized it was boring, as most the mobs were grey.  I was killed by some named NPCs in both Freeport and Qeynos–those are the highlights.  I picked up the Stein of Moggok too.

I had more excitement with my search terms yesterday:

  • Girls of Gaff
    • My reputation grows.  There is both a Freudian reference as well as a phallic one in this, if you know where to look.  There are no girls of Gaff, however.  There is just my second box, a somewhat slimy Froglok.
  • Tolkein wanted to Create a Mythology to…
    • This one was intriguing–in fact, I am a huge Tolkein-phile, reading all the scholarship I can lay my hands on, including Dr. Tom Shippey’s Author of the Century from a few years ago.  I met him once, and had a few beers too.  One of the most interesting and knowledgable people I have ever met.

 I forgot to mention that I have been discovered by the Town Crier.  They linked my Boon of Rested XP article.  I would like to thank them for the publicity, and thank TAGN whose influence and help in setting up my blog, helped lead me to begin my adventure.  By the way, he has been recognized in the Town Crier the last three issues, I believe.  A well-deserverd honor for a prolific publisher of all things MMO. The guys at EQ2-Daily are also great with the support–they link all the articles and provide a wonderful cross-section of the community playing Everquest 2.  Now the pressure is on to put something else up that is worthy of the honor of official recognition!

If I can only get the word out about gaming etiquette!


2 Responses to Recognition!

  1. cyanbane says:

    Thanks for writing an awesome, well thought blog man 😉 I love linking to your stuff.

  2. Gaff says:

    Thanks for the compliment Cyanbane. I enjoy the EQ2-Daily podcast and most of my traffic comes from your links. 🙂 I feel guilty if I don’t give you something to post!

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