Sage of Ages Down

Okay, I didn’t kill him.  But I am finished talking to this magic-speaking masochist of the tower.  As a wet snow pelted down outside my midwestern house, I resolved myself to finish this rune-heavy quest of stamina.   With some help from my raid guildies in Solusek’s Eye (and the use of CoH), I had the last aggro area finished.  We decided to look for some gear for my mystic, Lurk, as he is soon to raid–so off we went to the Acadechism and Den of the Devourer.  Both netted some nice loots, but that is a different story.

After our instance crawl, I found my way to the Enchanted Lands.  I needed two updates in Rivervale and two more in Runneyeye.  While I had done this quest on my former main, Meclin, I was still uncertain where some of the updates were.  It was at this point I realized a pictorial guide would be very helpful–but I had already found at least 2/3rd of the updates, so it was a bit late to start–perhaps Blintz can put it together when he does the quest.

I finished in RE and RV, then headed to the Thundering Steppes to finish the updates.  I found the one in Thundermist Village after going in to two other buildings, both with counters.  I found my way to my old home, Varsoons.  There I collected the final two easy enough.  EQ2Map is invaluable in quests like this–a must have for sure, as Wilhelm asserted recently.

With the updates finished, I needed to get my level 58 toons down to a level that would net some AA and XP.  A new guildie, Kesselia (also a frequent commenter here), has recently joined our guild on Crushbone, and was nice enough to oblige.  At level 12 I turned in the quest.  I would like to officially welcome her to Shades of Twilight and our happy home on Crushbone!  She has been very helpful thus far, and has a broad knowledge of the game.  Between her and Lani-pedia, we should be set for any future adventures.  I just hope they involve the Blintz, as now he not only has a boxed copy of Vanguard, but his Wii hooked up at home. 

The XP wasn’t as large as I hoped–roughly 8% and the AA was around 20%.  For Heritage Quests I tend to get about twice that amount.  Speaking of which, I plan to do two of those each day this weekend to help push our alt guild towards level 30!


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