Drippy 4 Me 1

My two box club made its way into the Overrealm this weekend, hot on the trail of some thieves.  It may seem a conflict of interest, but my Qeynosian mystic is questing to retrieve the Claymore for the Bayles, while his tank, my berserker Gaff, is going to hand it to the Overlord given the chance.  I guess I will work it out if I finish the quest.

I found a few new places to harvest, despite having a level 69 guardian who has adventured extensively in the zone.  I never spent much time in Teneberous Tangle–and with a built in healer it is easy pickings, no pun intended.  I also enjoy the view one gets traveling by cloud–this is the bird’s eye view of the Temple Grounds.

I snapped this screenshot while working on the early Claymore quests.  The first few updates were fairly uneventful.  I was able to kill the needed mobs, occupy myself until the drakes on the pyramid spawned, and then had little trouble working my way to the named.  After that I was off to find the clues–another easy update.  This is where I found my above mentioned harvesting grounds.

Trouble began when I arrived at the plank and the Drippy fight.  The last time I did this part I had help, but I figured I could do well enough with my two box duo.  However, there was a triple-up level 62 lizard right where Drippy would spawn.  I charged, and we both died, leaving the lizard in charge of the plank.  Rebuff, remount, dive off the falls, and fly over to the Breeding Grounds again.  This time I wore my shield, used all my buffs, including the defensive ones, an easily slew the mob.  I read through the card with Gaff at this point (it starts a timer) and climbed out on the plank.  Drippy spawned, Gaff grabbed aggro and we began our fight.  I was careful to face away from the edge, remembering the kick back.

He went down with little difficulty, and only two kickbacks.  I was able to steer back towards the mob in the air, which helped.  Gaff was updated.

I returned to the plank, and sent Lurk out.  Drippy grabbed Lurk and punted him almost immediately, leaving Gaff no time to grab aggro.  Since that is my second computer, I did not have my hands on the keyboard–this meant Lurk flew like only a frog can–straight into the triple ups at the base of the hill.  Splat.

Rebuff, remount, etc.  Back to the fight.  Drippy was still up, but by now the triple up lizard had respawned too–no problem, thought I, if I slay Drippy quickly I can train the lizard until he breaks contact.  Charge, punt, die.  I almost gave up at this point–all my help was deep into a Labs raid, and I was wishing I had gone with them.  I got up from the computer and found something else to do for awhile.

When I came back to the plank, Drippy had despawned so I cleared the lizard again.  I also targeted Lurk with the tank, put one hand on the rescue button, and clicked the note.  I grabbed aggro quickly and began to burn him down–success at last.  I had some XP debt, but nothing compared to the early days of the game when 30% was not unheard of after a raid.

The rest of the evening was uneventful–I completed the Coin Operator portion of the Claymore quest with both toons.  I only died once after trying to take on some of the heroic mobs in Sanctum of the Scaleborn.  I decided to move back to Silent City and hunt named mobs for some AA and levels, and to get some repairs as I was down to 20% on my equipment.

I also took about an hour moving all of my former main’s stuff out of his 3 bedroom South Qeynos abode and into a new house purchased by Lurk.  I think this makes it official, he is now my main.

There is a parallel here with my World of Warcraft career.  I started as a tank there, playing a dwarf warrior, and switched to a druid as I got into the endgame raid scene.  There were few people playing the class, and thus little competition for gear and raid spots.  I played a tank in my first Everquest II incarnation and am now moving towards a healer for raiding.  I am going to miss being the center of attention, however.  If you do your job right as a healer, no one ever notices you.


3 Responses to Drippy 4 Me 1

  1. Stargrace says:


    “If you do your job right as a healer, no one ever notices you”

    After playing a cleric in EQLive, and a 70 Templar / Fury in EQII for most of the time the game’s been out, I have to agree. Healing is very often a thank-less job. If we take down a super hard encounter, it’s “wow great tanking there!” or “wow look at that dps!” and very rarely “Wow all you healers were just so on the ball there! If it were not for your super emergency heals when the tank lost agro to we would have surely wiped!”

    In the end though, we all know we’re amazing. *grins*

    Congratulations on progressing your Claymore.. I’m most certainly NOT looking forward to doing it with my templar.. or any other class, since I’ve already finished it with the fury and remember the pain all too well.. *thinks of SoS and grimaces..*

  2. Gaff says:

    Everyone seems to hate SoS, I actually tend to like it. I have heard that sentiment echoed by countless people. I did progress through the SoS parts with my guard, so I guess the part that bugs me about the zone are the camps. That seems to be universal, however, on difficult quests.

    The healing gig is thankless for the most part, though being such a needed class is nice. There tends to be a lot more tanks, which is why I’ve abandoned mine. At one time he was our MT for stuff, and then I left for WoW…

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