Double 60s–Level Breakdown

Yesterday I took both my toons to Silent City to farm named mobs and to grind the last 20% experience to level 60.  I was successful on both accounts, though only a few of the named mobs spawned.  The fights were easy enough with my two toons, and it was rather nostalgic to return to the zone I farmed during the heyday of DoF.

The zone was dead, pun intended, as I made the requisite laps around the “track,” slaying reapers along the way.  The zone has one of the best atmospheres in the game, in my opinion, though Unrest certainly has raised the expectations for immersive content.  The multiple levels and connecting drains in Silent City are a must-see.

I ran a comparison of AAs and stat’s when my mystic and berserker were close to the level 50.  That was on March 22–making it 10 levels in 24 days.  I think that makes me relatively medium-core, for those of you keeping track of such things.  Here is the breakdown, as it stands today.

Gaff—Level 60 Ratonga Berserker
Level 52 Carpenter
67 AA points
Items: 42
Named NPCs killed: 110
Quests Completed: 137
Exploration Events: 346
Collections 39

Time Played: 19 days 11 hours

Lurk—Level 60 Froglok Mystic
Level 70 Provisioner
60 AA points
Items: 21
Named NPCs killed: 107
Quests Completed: 117
Exploration Events: 269
Collections: 19

Time Played: 26 days, 1 hour

Some general conclusions, based on the numbers from the two toons at level 50—first, I have no clue where my “time played” numbers went from the level event. I remember writing them down when I leveled at 50, and thought I put them in the article—mea culpa. As I recall Gaff was at 12 days played, and some change, and Lurk was around 21 days.   Roughly 7 full days played for 10 levels seems like decent progress, considering much of that time was spent traveling, harvesting, questing, and in other activities which do not net experience.  I also avoided straight grinding, for the most part (yesterday excluded).  Much of the XP was gained in Lesser Faydark, which has a great scope of quests for the tier 6 character.

In regards to AA experience, Lurk still seems to be suffering from the inability to gain AA on collections and quests. Gaff was created post-EoF/KoS, and has had the full opportunity to apply all these categories towards his AA points. Lurk had already done many of the “standard” collection quests when those expansions launched, i.e. shards, bones, etc.

It seems like the two toons have finally reached virtual parity in levels. Considering that Lurk was level 38 when Gaff was created, it is a wonder it happened. I used Lurk in “mentor” mode almost exclusively until the two toons reached the upper 40s. Lurk is currently about 10 percent ahead of Gaff.  I think, though I did not crunch it, that the collections later in Gaff’s history helped close the gap as well.

The amount of real time elapsed for ten levels is encouraging. I play in the evenings, and a considerable amount on the weekends normally, but have had several weeks during this span I was unable to do much during the week. I also started an inquisitor/warlock duo, and played those toons some as well.

Can I reach level 70 in less than a month? I doubt it. I also plan on going back to do some HQs and other content I passed by once both Gaff and Lurk are 65—then I will be able to attend some raids, and the pressure to level won’t be so pronounced.


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