Last night I had a math moment.  After getting home from work, eating dinner, helping my kids with homework, and other assorted jobs around the house, I realized I had about an hour to play, and I needed to load up on writs to help pull my alt guild up to level 30.  Once my two toons hit level 60, the tier 7 writs opened and I set to work.  The problem is time–I have to run one toon around Qeynos, and one around Freeport to get the requisite writs.  Between getting the kids a snack, updating web stuff, and putting my two toons where they need to be, time evaporated quickly.

I have dealt with running the two toons around different cities for 60 levels, so why not betray earlier?  I just never crunched the numbers.  I think I can sell with two accounts out of the same inn room in Qeynos–a savings in rent.  When I was moving down the steps in South Freeport, there was my ogre of freedom, promising me a new life.  I decided to take him up on it, and went off to plant listening devices. I will be able to run the two toons to tradeskill instances, the mender, brokers, etc. together.  Writs will be the same.  The only down side is the time it takes to betray.  I do not have a good fix on this part of the equation.

I hope the process will be complete this weekend, if I use Saturday to work on the betray stuff.  Last night I gave up working on it during the second step because it had to be night time–night time was too far away and bed time too close.  I am using EQ2i to walk-through the process.  If there is a better guide out there, post a link please.

I probably won’t stop hating the Bayles, but I am curious what will happen to my Claymore process.  I completed the Coin Operator quest, and have not picked up the next step.  I also am a worshipper of Rallos Zek the Unmerciful, and wonder if he will hate me for leaving Freeport; well, hate me more than he does most people.  I have not found the answers to these questions, though a guildie advised me to clean out my house and shared bank slots.


15 Responses to Betrayal

  1. Stargrace says:

    I have many times now. It’s tough but in the long run comes with plenty of benefits like the ones you’ve mentioned about getting writs. Especially since I myself am a two boxer. Of course losing all ones spells to app1 again is certainly not fun, especially having to get everything made level 51+ since we don’t even get those any more… but again, it comes with the betrayal. Giving up any relic gear was hard for me since I betrayed at 70 with two characters who were fully mastered / geared. I contemplate doing it again though just because .. I’m crazy or something.

    Do make sure to take along anything you want from your shared bank. Also relinquish your house before you get exiled, though you can sneak back in and do that another time if you forget.

    The betrayal quest is quite simple, but it will take a fair bit of time depending on your methods. The longest part is actually the faction work you have to do. I typically do one of two quests depending on my city. If I am leaving Freeport, I do the coalition of tradeskiller ones. It sends me to sneak into their zone in WFP (which the gate is right close to the quest giver) and collect some clip boards. You can do it all invis, great for scouts or mages, or stock up on invis totems. These quests give 5k faction each turn in, and you need to do 12 of them to complete all the faction work you need.

    Again, not hard, but long and boring, doing any quest 12 times. The other quests give a lesser amount of faction though, and that means you have to do even more of those.

    If I’m leaving Qeynos, I typically do the faction work again the Tunarian grove people, something about burning down one of their sacred trees. I go in through baubleshire, a little bit out of the way but no epic guards are going to squish me that way. Again, 12 times and the faction work is done.

    I’d say I’ve probably betrayed….. at least 10 times now on various characters. Maybe even more. The latest being my defiler (who I betrayed about two weeks ago). The process from start to finish took about 6 hours total.

  2. Gaff says:

    Thanks for the insight–I looked at the faction quests and had no clue what the best and fastest way was to do it. How does it go once your in Qeynos? Do they give you the quests you need to get citizenship?

  3. Gaff says:

    Oh, one other thing–you get your Master II choices again right??

  4. Stargrace says:

    They do, you get one more quest to collect garbage for 3k faction, and then you’re sent on a few other “goodie” quests to prove that you’re all about the good. A final “kill so and so” and you’re sent to your trainers to pick your “new” (or old, if you want to remain the same and have the option of going either or) class. You get a re-set on all your class specific aa, as well as your M2 choices, and even your other racial choices.

  5. Kilanna says:

    I am a bit confused Stargrace – are you saying I can betray my Templar and either chose to remain a Templar or chose to become an Inquis??

    Or conversely I could betray my Assassin from FP to Qeynos and either choose to remain an assassin or change to ranger?

    I though that if you betrayed you had no choice but to change to the applicable class for that city. I would love to move my Templar to FP but dont want to change class so I have moved to Kelethin for a change of scenery at the moment.

  6. Gaff says:

    I dont think you can stay an “evil” only or a “good” only class if you betray, but I think in my case I have the choice of staying a berserker or changing to a guardian.

    BTW, “The Old Switcharoo” quests are awesome, and not really all that much of a grind. The worst part is getting the guy to give it to you. I think I will be finished with it tonight–I have a meeting back at work in a few minutes, so it will be late when I turn in the last four. Thanks again for the advice. It has saved me some serious time.

  7. Kilanna says:

    Thanks for the clarification. All along I just figured that my Tamplar would have had to change if she betrayed. Otherwise it is really nothing more than relocating your toon – betrayal should come at a cost IMO.

    Hmmm…. Maybe my little Fae zerker would like a move to FP:)

    Good Luck and enjoy your move to Qeynos:)

  8. Stargrace says:

    Yes, there are some classes Kilanna who have a choice of being either or, no matter which city, for scouts it’s bards, you can be a good or evil dirge or troubador. For priests, it’s druids, you can be a good or evil fury or warden.. for fighters it’s warriors, guardian or zerker good or evil. Mages it’s uh whatever the warlocks and wizards fall under, they can be good or evil.

    So if you betray any of those classes, you can just relocate to another city and not actually change your class if you’d rather not. Granted, you will lose all your spells still. My dirge / troubador is in exile right now, she’s betrayed back and forth a few times, mostly to pick up quests (book ones sold by the sages specifically) and languages.

  9. Sneli says:

    If betraying from FP to Qeynos, you might be able to save time by betraying to Kelethin.

    One faction quest, although you have one in three chance of getting it in Gfay is to pop three orcs for 1k faction. With a mount and a quick AoE, this takes about 1-2 minutes at most. You spend more time trying to coax the quest out of the guy rather than doing it repeatedly. All Kelethin faction quests give the same faction bump, so might as well do the fastest.

    Just make sure to get your kelethin faction to 20k, (even though you CAN finish at 10k), as if you finish the citizenship quests at 10k, you end up stuck at +40k, rather than max ally.

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  11. Eviscer says:

    I am also looking to betray from Qeynos and turn my swashy to a brigand. I am having trouble finding a complete guide on how to do so because I have never done such a quest. Also Stargrace can you tell me where you get the quest you are talking about that gives the highest faction boost when betraying from Qeynos to Freeport? A link to the quest would also be awesome, my email is , any help would be really appreciated.

  12. Gaff says:

    The guide I used was on Try using Qeynos Betrayal as the search string–I think something will come up, if it is configured as the Freeport to Qeynos betrayal was–and good luck!

  13. Eviscer says:

    Is there a way for me to work on FP faction before I go into exile? If so how do I get the quest?

  14. Eviscer says:

    Disregard the last question, I found the answer…thanks though

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