Trash Pickup is on Wednesdays

Trash?  Are you kidding me?  I am so upset with this younger generation of gamers.  They come to EQII and leave there crap all over the place, even in our national game reserves, like Antonica.  Apparently the Mage Tower types are participating in the “Adopt a Highway” program throughout the region, and are sending some diversion canidates there to clean up the road.  I happen to be one of the lucky few who was forced to clean up your mess.

After my day of service on the road was finished, I was forced to donate to the Bayles’ favorite charity in Nettleville, confirming my belief their rule of compassion is a sham.  Fresh from this official “shakedown,” I went back to the Mage tower for my final task–apparently an Inquisitor of some stature, named Te’Lex, was living the good life inside Qeynos and it was time to show him the door.  I didn’t see the door, because when I clicked the “accept” button I was immediately zoned in to confront the menace.  His worst offences were related to hair and denistry, in my opinion.  Perhaps he had spoken out about the two sets of accounting books the Bayles’ keep.

After slaying the actual Te’Lex, his incrementally more powerful undead spirits sprouted to do battle.  They fell like so many dark elf dominoes and I was soon back to Vishra the Qeynosian citizenship czar.  I had completed my journey and was now rewarded!

The Vishra sent me on to the berserker trainer over in North Qeynos.  Here I had a decision, which in fact was a no brainer;  I could remain a berserker or switch to a guardian.  As I have a high level guardian and rolled the ‘zerker for that very reason, it wasn’t much of a choice.

Actually, as the above image shows, SOE did a great job of warning you when you were doing something that you could not undo, in the course of the Betrayal quest.  In Freeport I had to type in my character name when I took the final step to exile and was told to empty my bank and house.  I appreciated the effort they put into this part of the quest chain. 

After visiting the berserker trainer and confirming my choice, all my skills, AA selections, racial abilities, master II choices, and everything else was reset.  Skills to apprentice one, though I did get to reselect my master II skills.  This has taken some time to update.  I did not have many higher level skills (over adept I) so there wasn’t too much of a loss.  I’m level 60 so a number of my endgame skills are still to come.


A big thank you to Stargrace, who writes the blog  Her advice about the faction quests (sabotage portion) of the quest line saved me some very scarce time this week.  I think I could do the entire betrayal again in under three hours.  I also used the guide for the quest.  It is easy to follow and quite accurate.  I am now ready to begin selling out of Qeynos on two accounts, doing eight of the same writs at a time, and generally saving a huge amount of time running two toons around two cities, which is why I started this quest in the first place, although I felt like I was selling out already.  Oh, and I still have four writs for Freeport in my book, and my Zek familiar!

Next quest–to catch up with Blintz and finish the Nek Forest heritage lines.


3 Responses to Trash Pickup is on Wednesdays

  1. Stargrace says:

    Congratulations on finishing off your betrayal! Your deity does not seem to re-set with betrayals.. which is, interesting, to say the least. I think I’ve got one of the few defilers out there who actually worship Tunare instead of any of the evil aligned Gods. Walk throughs certainly are nice to have.

  2. Wilhelm2451 says:

    You are hungry but have not selected anything to eat!

    Betrayal is hungry work I guess.

    I thought you had to wear the orange jump-suit armor while you cleaned up the highway.

    Anyway, I think I spent a total of 5 hours in Nek Castle this week. With what I know now I could easily cut that in half, with a little fortuitous spawn help.

  3. Gaff says:

    Yes, perhaps Zek the Cruel and Unusual will feast on the flesh of Qeynosians after all. And I think you will be at 8 hours in Nek Castle by tomorrow night, as I need some DPS. I am parked out there right now!

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