Art for Art’s Sake

The small things in games are what get your attention.  The ability to construct a world that seems seemless is what we don’t look for, but notice if it is lacking.  Realism is not a given, nor necessarily a needed attribute in a game for it to succeed, to cite World of Warcraft’s highly stylized graphics.

Which leads me to my favorite piece of art in all of Everquest II.  It has a plaque, but I have not been able to get a title from the game, so I invented my own.  “Triumph of the Valkerie.”  The use of a fountain to reflect the moment, so to speak, and the artist’s capture of motion is wonderful.  Now I know you may be reading this thinking, “What the hell?  It’s a statue in a video game.”  But does that detract from the artistic and aesthetic appeal of the work?  Did the programmer/graphic artist not give the image some emotion and humanist characteristics?  My answer is yes, and because of the great sense movement, a snapshot of a moment, I absolutely love it.  I also didn’t want to shrink it to post here, so you will have to click to see it.


2 Responses to Art for Art’s Sake

  1. Stargrace says:

    With over 500 screenshots saved in my EQII folder (not to mention Vanguard, and WoW) I can understand and appreciate the artwork and sculptures and what not that must go into the game.. some times it’s the simplest of things that catch our eye.

  2. Gaff says:

    My thoughts exactly!

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