A Horse is a Horse Of Course

My attention span, or lack thereof, has struck again.  No sooner had I gotten Gaff to Freeport than I decided it was time for Lurk to leave our little alt guild.  He and Gaff did a few runs of the “kill x sentries” writs in Tenebrous Tangle, and then the lure of a level 60 guild took hold.  I was ready to move.  In all seriousness, I miss seeing the guild chat of my main’s guild (since November 14, 2004).  There are a lot of people who have joined during my sojourn with WoW and I just havent gotten to know them.  Lurk was ready to take his title of “main status.”

I also was ready to buy a couple level 60 mounts, which I previewed here a while back.  The mount guide for Everquest II is awesome, and I certainly cannot take credit for making it, but don’t mind shamelessly linking the page for your perusual.  It does take a little bit to load on my machine because of all the pictures.

Thorell was nice enough to let both Gaff and Lurk buy their mounts.  He commented on how loaded I was–I had just sent him a large number of rare loams for Gaff’s skills, post-betrayal.  I wish I was loaded, the 30 plat and 900,000 status it cost for the two horses just about broke the bank.  I will have to grind away at the old stove and keg to replentish my coffers.  So a big thanks to Thorell for my new skills and Knights of the Cataclysm for helping my aching feet, or at least those of my old ponies. Now I need just a few more levels to raid.

Here we are, with one of the oppressors of Qeynos tramping past.   Thorell is on the right.  He is my motivation for going berserker–the damage he deals is impressive.


8 Responses to A Horse is a Horse Of Course

  1. Kesselia says:

    Nice horses Gaff =) My warden that will be incoming to crushbone this week has hers too =) My necro tho has the hoverboard from Death toll =). Hehehe.

  2. Gaff says:

    Ahh cool. Yea that board is way cool. Will see your alts when they arrive! I just hit 61 this morning on both my toons 🙂

  3. Kilanna says:

    Aww but I hope this will not mean the end of your adventures with Blintz the courageous swashy 🙂

    I hope you dont mind but could I please ask for your advice regarding the correct etiquette for changing guild if there is such a thing? I know that to some this may seem a bit silly because EQII is a game – but I am really concerned over the decision of what to do regardng my guild.

    Like your little alt guild, my current guild is quite small. I have been in this guild since the day I rolled my main toon 12 months ago. BUT it has diminished a lot in size since I first joined, and quite often now I am the only person in the guild who is online. Balance that against the huge and very enjoyable invesment of time and effort into my current guild and relationships, and it makes for a very hard decision.

    I have identified another guild that has made one of my alts feel very welcome and really feels as though it will be a good mesh for my play style and times.

    One one hand, this is a game, and I have every right to facilitate my continued enjoyment of the game. On the other hand I do not want to offend anyone in my current guild, and particularly respect the feelings of my guild leader. After your recent discussion regarding Game Etiquette, I am interested in your views. It is not even that I directly care about my “reputation” with other players on the server so much – it is that I am concerned with being a decent human being and treating my online aquaintances (also real people) with decency too.

  4. Gaff says:

    I think you just tell them what you just listed above–you are going to move on, but hope to remain friends. If they let that decision stand in the way of your future relationships then that’s their decision, providiing you have been amiable and open with them about your move. I would suggest doing it in tells to the guild leader. The game is very fluid, and these types of things happen often in all the MMOs I’ve played, going back 15 years. If your not seeing anyone online, and your reason for joining a guild is interacting with other people, then I think it is an obvious, but not easy, choice.

  5. Kesselia says:

    I agree with what Gaff stated above. Let the guild leader(s) know what you are doing ahead of time….then inform the guild and wish them well. There are occurences where people tend not to understand but that usually happens in raid guilds after you have been outfitted with fabled gear, outfitted with masters and so on. Up to the point you stated above I don’t think they will hold it against you if you left. Just be honest and up front and then leave when you are ready.

  6. Kilanna says:

    Thanks guys – I know you are right, but it will definitely be with mixed feelings that I will move Kilanna on. Mind you I have a couple of active alts that will remain so I still hope to provide valuable contribution as part of my current guild.

    I was so sure that I would never want to leave my current guild but just the last couple of weeks have been a little lonely and frustratingly slow:)

  7. Kesselia says:

    Trust me when I say moving from guild to guild in EQ2 is a commonplace occurance. Let me track back and see how many guilds I have been in…umm…first my own, then Exodus, then Redemption, then Raging Phoenix, then Indomitus, then Conviction, then Aei Desis, then Forged by Fury then back to Aei Desis.
    Now on a new toon I started in Aei Desis, then went to Forged by Fury, and now I’m in Ne Plus Lurssa…soon as the server transfers go up I’ll be on crushbone in Inertia getting ready to raid. Ding my warden lvl 66 last night. Woot! oh yeah…mail isn’t working….lost a 100p master that I had to petition to get back. We’ll see what happens form here =/

  8. Kesselia says:

    Yay I got my master and the GM even was kind enough to accept the gift through the mail and let me know it was in my bag =) Yay GM’s …my gratz to Loila.
    Archlich Master 1 FTW!

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