Entering the Veil

Needing a push to make level 61 on both my mystic and berserker, I headed to the Loping Plains, where amongst other things I found those pesky impish gremlins that are so cute as familiars.  I have always wanted one, but my allegience to the Blood Lord of Chaos, Zek keeps me from such a trespass.  I found a couple named gremlins, and earned the AA, while watching what was apparently a scripted toon, but that is another story.

I was collecting ghoul shards for a quest called “Entering the Veil,” and much to my suprise I would soon see what it was like to be one of these critters.  Both toons finished collecting the updates, and returned to Ihreil in Somborn Village.  There we created a mask using his cauldron, and were soon having an out of body experience.

Another, with a frog looking at the sky.

Ultrasonic view is novel, though I really wanted to see myself in a normal view as full gremlin!

The quest involved slaying seven other “malicious spirits” around the village, and Gaff soon had his updates, though not without a death.  I didn’t look at their level until after that, and then noticed they were four levels above my duo.  So we changed plans and he tanked while Lurk did what he could to inflict damage.  In “gremlin” form you have a different, and very limited, set of skills, including some direct damage attacks, a cold shield, and a buff for defense.  When I tried attacking with Lurk, he did not get updates.  I disbanded, reinvited with Lurk as the leader, and tried again.  No luck.  I gave up for the day at this point and figured I would see if anyone reading this might have the answer.

Fun quest, and novel.  Having to look at and use new skills was cool, and the quest line interesting.  It starts with Ihreil the Sorceress in Somborn Village, and there is another step after this one–slaying Cazi the witch!  Orange quest at the moment, so will have to wait for a few levels.


3 Responses to Entering the Veil

  1. Kesselia says:

    The Cazi Witch quest part is bugged atm Gaff. Have to wait for SOE to get off their duffs and fix it.

  2. Stargrace says:

    It’s not always bugged, try it after a server restart and it should work fine (at least does on my server)

    You also can not be grouped for this quest, you won’t get the updates on both people.

  3. Gaff says:

    Yes, my next plan was to just try lurk ungrouped–I wonder if i can help with Gaff though.

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