Zek Tagged Me

Part I:  Should I Close my EQII Account? 

This is not an easy decision right now.  My life is empty, hollow even.  I thought I had goals, guildies, and friends.  I thought I had made good decisions with tradeskilling, questing, and my two-box duo class selections.  But then, my diety turned on me.  My decision to betray has come back to haunt me, and in an odd way I think it is some twisted form of karma.  I approached Zek the Trecherous’ altar and representative in Butcherblock, only to be told:

I can’t get over this.  I have devoted myself to the Bloodlord and his plan for Norrath.  I ask everyone I see if they are the keymaster, and now this.

I think I’m being paid back for yet a second week on the Town Crier.  The very thing I was listed for last week, my betrayal quest, is what caused Zek to reject me.  Although, the tradeoff of free publicity may be worth switching a diety, now that I think of it.

Okay, I guess I can get over this.  But what god will most benefit a berserker from Qeynos?  Does that flapping Ro minion help?

 Part II:  The Tagging

In other news:  I have been tagged by Stargrace at Mmoquests.com.  Here are my five reasons to blog:

1.  It is cool.

2.  The ability to post my own pontifications, moderate the replies, and stay active in the community is invaluable to my state of mind.

3.  Wilhelm doesn’t think I will stick with this.

4.  I, like others have said, need a place to rant on occasion.

5.  This is a good way to put up pictures.

Now, do I have to tag three people?  I think your supposed to tag three people, and they list five reasons they blog, and tag three more people.  I have no clue who has and who hasn’t been tagged, so here goes.

1.  Wilhelm at The Ancient Gaming Noob.

2.  David at Timesink, because he writes well.

3.  Darren at The Common Sense Gamer.

I apologize if some of you have been tagged already–I saw this start but lost track of who went where.  Have a good week!


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