Probing Felwithe

I have found that Loping Plains is quite dangerous, and not the best experience for my two level 61 toons.  The sweet spot for exerience, in a tank/healing duo at least, seems to be green/blue double and triple up heroic mobs.  Silent City has been good to me, but since I spent more time than I care to admit running that zone when DoF launched, I was looking for something new.

I headed towards Steamfont, with an eye to duoing the Mines.  As I passed through Lesser Fay, I found a quest at the zone-in to Steamfont.  I looked it up and found it was in something called “Felwithe.”  I quickly changed directions, and into the new zone I went.  The level requirements are 55-65, and it looked like a good chance at some experience. 

I didn’t get much further into the zone than these screenshots–there are some hallways which run by the falls. Eventually I went invis and looked for named mobs, but none seemed to present themselves on this trip.  A giant tree (the heart of power for the elf hippy denizens no doubt) grows behind the large building, and some nice triple up mobs circle the arbor.  But there were no named mobs.  The zone must be huge, however, as the blacked out parts of my map had a lot of EQ2 Map locations.  This looks like another trip for the weekend!


2 Responses to Probing Felwithe

  1. Kesselia says:

    Ok Gaff….Felwithe is used for many quests…there aren’t any named in the zone however. Felwithe is used currently for signature quests…namely Swords Of Destiny *lvl 60 begins in the commonlands* , Koada Dal Magi’s Craft, Orb of Tunare. The castle in the back of the zone that is guarded by a half epic/half heroic mobs of guards will soon be a new Tier 7 raid zone that will be similar to Mistmoore Castle.

    There are shinies that pop in the zone…and there is a chance at finding a pristine tunarian spearhead and a gold tunarian vase. Both are the rares for the Expert Faydwer Collection and for the two regular collections *spearheads and vases*.

    If you have anymore questions on Felwithe let me know. I know the zone pretty much inside and out now. Plus there is one quest from an NPC near the entrance to Steamfont in Greater Faydark that sends you to Felwithe. There are two heroic quests available to do inside of Felwithe as well…one gives a treasured reward the other gives a legendary reward…I think one was called Devotion…I forget the name of the other quest…could be something like Purification or some such name.

  2. Stargrace says:

    Felwithe actually does have a few named. One, is a ring event in the graveyard at night. If you follow the map on the left hand side you’ll find it. It’s not marked on EQII maps, but it’s there, look for the tunarian guys inside the graveyard building at night time if the event is up.

    Another named is in a tower not far from there. I think it’s an archanist or a librarian or some sort. Sits in the top waiting for people to wander by where they can viciously attack them. Guarded by those giant golem type mobs that flank their path.

    At the top of the “castle” is also more named, epics in fact. One night my guild rushed in there to kill them (shortly after EoF was released) and found out that they are for…. nothing. They didn’t give aa, loot, or anything else of any interest. They just stand at the very top of the castle steps, glaring.

    Have you done all of the quests in LesserFaydark? You’ll make a LOT of money doing them, especially if you’re from Qeynos and can do the court of the fae ones (which are aggressive to Freeportians), at least a few plat, easily. The experience is nice as well, even though it’s mostly 55-60 or so. I don’t blame you for being tired of DoF, I just started Godking and Claymore on my 53 Defiler (almost 54, finally!) and I’m dreading those zones already. I AM however excited about quest sharing! Good luck in your adventures!

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