How Time Flies…

I was recently going through all of my old screenshots–I tend to snap pictures as I play with an eye towards posting them here.  Once the screenshot folder in the EQ2 directory becomes unmanagable, I move them out to an archives directory.  While perusing those pictures, I found one from the beginning of March when I was working a heritage quest.  This is an easy one–can you name not only the location, but the mob, and the quest?

Now I’m tipping over into tier seven, attended my first raid as a mystic on Tuesday night, and am enjoying all of the high end content.  My toons could not be doing better, but for that pesky diety problem.  I think I am switching Gaff over to that Marr character.

The Trot Line is doing well also.  I continue to have hits on “How to Trot Line” and variations thereof, but I have no way of knowning if they read the guide I have provided.  It doesn’t show up in the stats, just the search string the people used.  Further, not a single one of the droves of fisherman coming here have ever left a comment.  In other news:

  • Favorite search term in the last few weeks: “problem plating battlefield vietnam kick”  Um, I dont know what to say here.
  • Stats–the number of views keep growing.  Thanks to all of you who read, and a big thanks to those of you who comment.
  • continues to refer the most readers–thanks again for the help!  The EQ2Players Town Crier has also sent some folks my way, so thanks to them as well.
  • Time has been short–I am able to write a bit more on the weekends, and do the most ardous task, crop, resize, and upload pictures.  I have a interesting idea, with pictures for posting over the weekend.

5 Responses to How Time Flies…

  1. Stargrace says:

    You’re in Stormhold, working on the Bone Bladed Claymore would be my Guess. I think that’s Troll Warrior Redak, in the chapel (with a sword!). 🙂

  2. Kesselia says:

    Aye I agree with StarGrace….Bone Bladed Claymore…chapel..Stormhold =).

  3. Gaff says:

    Yep–two winners! I told you it was easy….I’ll have to get a more obscure one next time 🙂 Of course, if your like me, after the 4th time you do an HQ, it gets easier to identify!

  4. Stargrace says:

    Hehehe exactly how I knew where it was 😉

  5. Kesselia says:

    Aye I know near all content from lvl 1-70 in game now..hehe. sorry I been around for too long and seen too much. I have 20 different toons mind you that I work on and rotate plus two additional that I help a friend with.

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