Creeping Me Out

To continue the scavanger hunt from yesterday, I have chosen what I think might be a bit more obscure, at least anymore.  The picture, and the quest we were working on (it’s not the one displayed on the quest helper in the pic) was a common source of derision in the early days of EQ2.  The picture was taken in December of 2004, I think.

Again, and without using any guides, what is the zone and what quest line do you believe we were working on, using the above clues?  This is somewhat subjective, but I think there is enough here to get the right answer.  I cropped the pic to include the group member names–bonus points if your one of those people and you still play EQ2.


5 Responses to Creeping Me Out

  1. Stargrace says:

    Well, I know the mob and the zone, that’d be blackburrow, and you’re fighting the Blightfang beastie, a mean old wench who absolutely destroyed groups in the “good ‘ol days” of EQII. But quests and things have changed so much over time that I’ve no idea what quest you’d be working on. My guess though, is armor quests.

  2. Kesselia says:

    Yes I remember the queen blightfang in Blackburrow from back in the day when you had to complete a hallmark quest at lvl 19 in order to ding lvl 20. Blackburrow was needed for every class nearly…especially mages who had to kill certain gnolls and spiders down there. Uggh I hated Blackburrow with a vengeance…fighting in a tight quarters with other people who had no idea how to play their class …healers who sucked and tanks who didn’t know the first thing about tanking or aggro control.

    I almost miss those hallmark quests….well….maybe not hehe. They were a pain in the arse for sure. The armor quests at lvl 20 tho usually take people to Stormhold more often than not…nowadays the spiders down there are only used for guild writs by lowbie toons from lvl 15-19.

  3. Gaff says:

    Oh, I didnt know about that–this was to do someone’s armor quest. Stormhold was the next one step, as I recall.

  4. Stargrace says:

    wuwu lucky guess 😉

  5. Gaff says:

    I guess by hallmark your referring to the “subclass,” or whatever they called it, quest. I had almost forgotten about that little gem. I remember getting my ass kicked three times with one toon–might have been my troub. I actually never went into BB much. My first main outleveled it and went straight to Thundering Steppes.

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