Mandatory Makeover

Upgrades come and upgrades go, but it’s nice to be at the end of the journey, so to speak.  I hit level 62 with both my toons this weekend, and upgraded to full sets of xegonite–“vanguard” for Gaff and “reverent” for Lurk.  While I am on the look out for better upgrades (fabled and the like), the mitigation boost, coupled with a new weapon on Gaff, have made the combo much more viable in KoS.  As I begin to raid, I hope to shed the look sooner rather than later, but I couldn’t resist the new gear, especially with raw xegonite clusters going for a mere 30 gold each on Crushbone.  I crafted the armor on my former main and both toons were soon suited up in there new gear.

During my late level 50s, some of my guildmates from Knights of the Cataclysm, Thorell and Eharonna, took me to the zone Acadechism atop Crushbone Keep.  Not only is the exerience good, but I have picked up several pieces of useful gear, including Gaff’s new two-hander, the “Manafused Greatblade.”


8 Responses to Mandatory Makeover

  1. Kilanna says:

    Grats on 62.

    That is a very pretty slashing stick.

    Bargain on your Xegonite too – last i looked they were going for at least 70-80gp each on my server. At 30gp it doesn’t matter so much if you dont get much use before you get your shiny upgrades:)

  2. Gaff says:

    Yea–I got 2 upgrades that night–so I had roughly 8 hours, or a bit less, on the hands/shoulder items.

  3. Kesselia says:

    Ok guess it’s time for me to wrack my brain and think of upgrades for you. So far as Gaff is concerned you need to start doing the runs on EOF instances to pick up legendary class gear. Unrest your feet and chest piece should drop….the rest of the pieces drop in other EOF instances…this legendary gear is much better than xegonite and will help tide you over till you start getting KOS relic or EOF fabled.

    Go to for info on where specific pieces drop, from what mobs in what zones. This includes KOS, DOF and EOF.

    Hope this helps =)

  4. Kesselia says:

    I almost forgot…there is a nice earring that drops in Acadechism for fighters that increases melee crit chance by 2 percent. Don’t forget to get Lurk the Ivy Shrouded Orb of Tunare, his Prismatic 2 weapon and Arm of Erollisi from Claymore…Gaff will definitely need the claymore shield if he will be tanking or off tanking in the raids.

    Gaff could use the Ivy Shrouded Earring of Tunare which also has a melee crit chance on it. The dark chitin and light chitin rings are a must for any fighter as well…they drop in the Den of the Devourer in the bonemire. I would also recommend doing the HQ in the bonemire for the gnome tinkerer bag which is a 30 slot bag..very usefull for carrying potions and back up/resist gear for raids.

    Lastly I recommend doing the Swords of Destiny questline as this promises to be the upgrade to Prismatic 2….it’s time consuming but will be hopefully worth it in the end.

  5. Stargrace says:

    In unrest the hat and bp drop actually. Feet are from obelisk, forearms are from valdoons, shoulders (which are tradeable) are from mmc (Mistmoore Catacombs), pants are from Castle Mistmoore (also tradeable). Gloves are from Kaladim (also tradeable). Earring of the Bloodlust Handler, is a great healer upgrade from the first named in Valdoons, also the signet from the same zone final mob is a great healer ring. Both have plenty of power, saves, and + to healing, high wisdom. The ring has a proc that heals when you’re hit, wis and int, good for shadowknight tanks or well, pretty much anything actually.

    MoA is of course a must-have neck piece though it’s not until the later 60’s, the bone-clasped girdle HQ is a nice free belt for the healer (and fairly simple to do). The wurmslayer if you’re looking for a 2h fabled for the tank that won’t cost a lot (but does take some epic names to get).

    Anyhow, congradulations on 62, and the new pretties! Glad to see you’re enjoying your time in Norrath! 🙂

  6. Stargrace says:

    Sorry, signet comes from obelisk last named that should have read. . . . buckler of blight is from there as well and is a great healer shield! *giggles* EoF is wonderful… the quests in somborn village also reward some very nice pieces, as do the collectable quests.

  7. Kesselia says:

    Aye those warg quests are easy as heck to do….charm a wolf…lead it back ..rinse repear three times with no adds and wa la…,you can buy a 45 speed mount for 4p 60g.
    Thanks Star for the info on the earring of the Blood lust Handler. I need to get that for my warden …along with the Signet of Light from Darkness and the ring that procs heals…I need the buckler of blight too. So far I have the feet, head and chest phlintoe pieces but need the rest as I’m wearing the fabled leather legs from Poet’s Palace and the rest is dragonhide leather armor. Guess my warden will be going to do more Valdoon’s, Kaladim and the rest. *sigh*. I do need to do Mistmoore Catacombs more tho as I need werewolf parts for that lore and legend.

  8. Gaff says:

    Yea, I think the worgs are a good thing, and I bet Wilhelm would too, if he were but playing. They seem to have cut down on the carpet population. That may be my blurb for tomorrow 🙂

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