First look at the Arasai

I am beginning the Peacock line (aka epic 2) and surfed over to Allakhazam’s to find the quests.  When I hit the front page, I noticed they had a first look at the new race, complete with character creation screen shots.

The seem to be a filtered version of the Fae, with some different wing configurations–I am still satisfied.  It’s free, so far be it from me to complain.

See the screenshots here:  Arasai! First Look!


5 Responses to First look at the Arasai

  1. Kesselia says:

    I made an arasai fae on test server on Friday. Hehehe

  2. Kilanna says:

    Good luck with your Peacock club quests, Kilanna started it too. I. In case you didn’t already know, Stargrace has a great summary of this quest line linked to her blog too.

  3. Kesselia says:

    Note for the wise: if you think you can finish Pris 2 on a warden be prepared. *sigh* I got to the end of the last solo quest in the series and am stuck on a certain mob I need to spawn right near where the epic contested tree spawns. I tried bringing in my necro to clear before I moved her to another server and it still didn’t work. Mob won’t spawn…so note it may be broken atm. I have bugged it and am waiting. *taps foot*

  4. Stargrace says:

    The mob you’re talking about actually does get bugged quite frequently Kesselia. It has place holders, wander pathing doggies, kill them and either more doggies will spawn, or the named will spawn — however.

    Those wandering pathing doggies like to get stuck under the world and vanish. So while you may be looking at the exact spawn location (front steps of a building right close to the epic tree) if the pathing doggies are not up and wandering around, assume they’re stuck under the world.

    The only way I could complete this portion on my templar, was to wait until a server restart, and camp out at the location in order to snag the place holders before they got stuck some place.

  5. Kesselia says:

    Ah. I always saw the pathing dogs….problem is I kept clearing the zombies , then the dogs, then the zombies….was a never ending cycle with no named popping. I finally gave up…I’ll eventually go back to it perhaps. Too bad the toon I needed it on…she may never finish Pris 2 cause she is now in a non raiding guild on crushbone and Kess is back in my crafting guild that i own on Kithicor. I don’t plan on going back to the raid world anytime soon so prolly won’t be seeing any more end game content. I can’t tolerate the abuse or attitude of high end gamers anymore so….I’m gonna hop back and forth between alts and craft for a while.

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