SOE to Increase Character Slots With GU 35

So, all your whining has done its work.  SOE recently announced that all accounts would have an increased number of character slots in the update, scheduled for the end of May.

Regular accounts will now have 7 slots, while Station Access accounts will have 12.  One more slot?  Well, it is actually 3 more than they released the game with, so every new slot is a victory of sorts.

Find the article here:  EQII to increase character slots…


12 Responses to SOE to Increase Character Slots With GU 35

  1. Kilanna says:


    Eh hem. Sorry I will compose myself and behave in a mature and sophisticated manner now 🙂

    Awesome news. I am sure there are gonna be many many players who will be happy they can check out the new race on their regular server.

  2. Kesselia says:

    Yah I get to make….4 more toons woohoo….I know I need assassin, mystic, and dirge at least….but what to do with the final slot….*ponders* well I know a new race is coming with Rise of Kunark so we will wait and see….

  3. Stargrace says:

    Looking forward to it, though it’s still nicer for me to have my two separate accounts for a total of 14 characters rather then having the 13 from station access.

  4. Gaff says:

    Oh, what is the new race in Rise of Kunark, Kesselia? I had not heard that. I also have two seperate accounts, obviously–I just moved a couple toons between them to be able to play with my mystic.

  5. Stargrace says:

    Hehe I took advantage of that as well Gaff, moving characters between accounts to be able to access / play with them better in a boxed set up.

  6. Kesselia says:

    Not sure what the new race will be…but there is information leaking from SOE that there indeed will be one more race being released with Rise of Kunark. I don’t remember exactly where I read it…but I’m fairly sure they weren’t talking about arasai. We’ll see tho….I’m not a hundred percent yet so don’t quote me yet. Rise of Kunark if I remember correctly from EQ1 had something to do with the iksar….

  7. wilhelm2451 says:

    I didn’t even get to finish my whiney screed about not being able to make one of the new “evil fae.”

    Still, one more slot? C’mon, they could have made it two.

    I better get another slot with Kunark.

    Never satisfied!

  8. Gaff says:

    I was perusing through my recent posts, and realized I was wrong a few days ago. I thought the release was to push people to buy Station Access–I think another slot will keep most people happy–Wilhelm excluded.

  9. Kesselia says:

    LOL @ wil….if you purchased your station access back you WOULD have two slots *bonk* . /grumbles about Wil being a traitor to go play LOTRO. Sorry but I cancelled my LOTRO acct tonight. I tried the game and just could not get into it the same way I could with EQ2. I was running around dazed, confused, had no idea where I was or where I was going….I didn’t read the books, didn’t watch the movie….don’t much about LOTR except my husband likes it. Period. Laugh all ya want…but I’m sorry I’m sticking with what I know..and what I know is EQ2 no matter how much some of the high lvl ppl piss me off sometimes. I still can’t get by without my Evercrack fix and my alt-aholic ways. *shrug* *grin*.

  10. Kilanna says:

    Look at how many of us are self confesses alt-aholics lol

  11. Ryanna says:

    Per the announcement of the new expansion coming in Nov 2007:

    All-New Player Race – Start up a brand new Sarnak – the classic dragon-like humanoid creature that now inhabits Timorous Deep.

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