Free Character Transfers a Plus for Two Boxers

I did not realize, until Lanipedia told me ingame, that you could transfer toons between two accounts for free under the character transfer promotion.  I thought it was only for transferring characters between servers.  This is a great deal–and even better because I got in on it.

 I have a 69 guardian I quit playing, mainly because he lacks damage and is difficult to solo–he takes on two blue mobs in crafted rare armor and has to train them to avoid dying.  This is mainly post-mitigation nerf.  He doesn’t do much damage, which I understand, and lacks any real raid gear.  So, I rolled my berserker and matched him up with my mystic.  I have started a fae fury twice on the adjecent account so I could have a healer to play with my “old” original alts–a 47 assassin, a 23 troubadour, and the above mentioned guardian.

But the free transfers solved all of that!  I have made alts on the new, second account, but only for farming adepts and low level drops in my aborted attempt making a transmuter.  These were easily deleted and space made for the move.  My assassin and guardian transferred quickly–I can now hit 70 if I feel like it with my original main.  It took less than five minutes after putting in the move request for them to show up on the other account.  By contrast, when I moved my toons in World of Warcraft, some took two hours, some took two days, and several didn’t move at all until I resubmitted the request a number of times, going through all the prerequisite forms and logins ad naseum.

With the addition of the extra character slot, this will bring me to 14 slots, basically two more than Station Access for the same money–please don’t tell SOE about this.  On another note, I have seen a few posts of a similiar nature, but I wanted to state publicly I have always, and I mean always, had a great experience with SOE’s customer service.  I have had to call them several times over various issues, and they resolved them quickly and to my satisfaction every time.  The errors were not even their fault–for instance I had bought Station Access a couple years ago, and somehow cancelled my account in the process of trying to change back to the regular billing cycle–they fixed it and were polite and pleasant.

There is no disclaimer to the above–I don’t work for them, I am not a fanboy, and the only time I even lived in San Diego was when I was in the Marine Corps.

If your interested in the character transfer information, I think you have today to get it done, unfortunately.  Here is a link to the information–click this Character Services link if you are ready to move.


3 Responses to Free Character Transfers a Plus for Two Boxers

  1. Stargrace says:

    I think soe has been hitting all the right things lately. Letting characters transfer for free along with the PvP server merges, and not only letting you do that but allowing you to transfer between accounts if you own the billing for both, was a fantastic move on their part. The new free content, an extra character slot, and now the info being leaked about kunark…. well, they’re doing a lot right and it shows.

  2. Tipa says:

    Ah, crud. I didn’t know you could change chars between accounts for free, too. I would have put all my healers on one account and all my non-healers on another. Then I wouldn’t have to always choose between bard and cleric…


    Ah well. Teach me not to read my blogroll for a few days.

  3. Gaff says:

    That is exactly what I did, though Lurk is my only “real” healer of any level. I just about missed the free transfers myself–didn’t realize it counted for account to account either.

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