Rise of Kunark

I have been overwhelmingly busy both at work and with the family of late, and the blog has suffered.  On another note, this has kept me from reading any real commentary on the new details of “Rise of Kunark.”  I found the notice on the front page of Allakhazam’s which delineated the specifics, which is now common knowledge I’m quite sure.

A couple things tweaked my curiosity–guild level 80.  We will be jumping from 60 to 80.  I don’t think this is a bad idea, and it always seemed a bit odd they weren’t aligned before, but will there be a new mount at 70?  A title? I am guessing yes, but haven’t seen anything specific as of yet–it may not be decided.

New level cap, both artisan and adventurer, raised to 80:  this seemed to me to be an obvious choice.  Does this seemingly huge number intimidate would-be players?  Is EQ2 not looking for new players?  I don’t know, and utimately as long as my server stays up and we have a robust market, I am not too concerned.  Another 10 levels will just be more time–and of course that is what we spend on the game anyway.

One thing that always hits you with a new release–the planned obselesence of gear.  All the raid equipment, crafted pieces, etc. soon go the way of the vendor, or to your deity in more recent times.  Will you sit on your coin now that the expansion is looming?  How about your DKP points?  I probably will continue to spend points, but I’m going to stockpile coin.

I also do not know if this is an EoF-like expansion in that it puts zones of all levels into the game, or just the starting area and the new tier 8.  I bet it is posted somewhere, if only I had time to go find it.


8 Responses to Rise of Kunark

  1. Kilanna says:

    Hmmm… As I understood it from reading the descriptions, this will be another EoF type expansion covering all levels with 13 new zones. Hope I am not getting too far ahead of my self 🙂

    I am naturally a collector so I will be stockpiling coin too. I will be racing to get Kil to 70 Templar and gonna work all my TSers to get them to 70 also.

    I am feeling a lot less pressure to get masters of all my spells post lvl 55 or so, and think that I probably wont bother buying Mastercrafted T7 armour. I have not even done a T7 raid yet and already T8 is on it’s way 🙂

  2. Arcos says:

    I’ve read that apart from the 1-20 newbie area for the Sarnaks, the rest of the zones will all be 65-80.

  3. Kesselia says:

    Sorry guys but you really do need to go read the info thoroughly. It will be ONE lvl 1-20 zone, ONE starter city and the REST will be lvl 70-80.

  4. Cuppycake says:

    Read Scott’s clarification here : http://forums.station.sony.com/eq2/posts/list.m?topic_id=361524

    Its not a full 1-80 expansion. Its 1-20 and 65-80.

  5. Gaff says:

    As the post stated, I had not read the info at all, past the post on Allakhazam’s brief overview–part of my reason for posting was to find out the real truth of the new xpac.

    Thanks for the comments–it has been quite helpful.

  6. Kesselia says:

    Your welcome and sorry if I was short with ya Gaff. *hugs* I shoulda read what I was gonna post a little more carefully. I will be nicer in the future I pwomise.

    I see you and Wil did Mines of Meldrath…nice fabled weap for Blintz. ..and the pics of Blintiz as an ogre. *sigh* What is the world coming to when you see ogre fae’s bouncing around? LOL.

  7. Gaff says:

    Not a big deal Kess–I just put that up so you knew I had not read it–I noticed you fought the same battle on a variety of blogs when I did get time to surf, so no harm done.

    Now, if I could get Blintz on at the same time as me to play, I’d take his DPS in whatever form he wanted.

  8. Kilanna says:

    Woohoo Blintz is back in town according to Wil’s blog today 🙂

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