Kunark Repost!

I fished for some info and got it–thanks to the commenters on the previous post.  The link Cuppy posted was spot on, of course, and helped clarify the somewhat erroneous first reports of Rise of Kunark.  Apparently, the version on Allakhazam’s was a draft (seems odd, doesn’t it? or does SOE own that site?). 

The actual SOE site is now up and functioning, so take a look here:  Rise of Kunark

 Thanks to all the posters, as I said in the comments.  I really appreciate the help nailing this down during my very brief blog time this week.  Now the long wait sets in–of course, there is plenty to do in the game now, the expansion will compound that significantly.  I only wish these things would release during the summer when I tend to have a bit more time to play.


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