ATI 1950 Pro and Everquest II

First, this is a very preliminary report.  I hope to do some objective tests of performance on my new 1950 Pro.  Yesterday I purchased a new box, and put a Viper ATI 1950 Pro with 512 mb of memory into the machine.  This required a 550 watt power supply as well.  Other modifications, including a TV tuner and some networking issues, as well as real life, left me watching Everquest II update from my fresh install around bedtime.  Everything worked flawlessly.  I was waiting for some component to fail, some switch to go bad, or just general bad luck, but nothing surfaced.

This morning, I bounded out of bed in order to get a glance at my new setup in game.  I really cannot describe the view if you haven’t experienced the game on its higher settings.  Gaff was parked on Gazer Isle in TT–I logged in and upped the performance settings.  Breathtaking.  Amazing.  Awesome.  To quote my 80s peers, it was absolutely and totally wicked.  I even called my wife down to see it–the scrolling on my level 60 mount’s barding was exquisitely detailed in itself.  And, in case you were wondering, the movement in game was completely smooth–not a rubber band in sight.

Screenshots upcoming! 

One more day until the weekend!


8 Responses to ATI 1950 Pro and Everquest II

  1. Stargrace says:

    *grins* Nice to see you enjoying the new glorious views. It almost seems like a new game entirely with the highest settings possible running. Now I can’t box with those settings, but I can comfortably play one account (minus raids) on them, and it’s just … breathtaking, to say the least.

  2. Gaff says:

    I actually play the second account on my laptop–not on the same machine. So it is not a problem 🙂 I just reach over and hit wards, heals, attack, etc. The biggest problem is I miss when the autofollow breaks sometimes.

  3. Seritaph says:


    Me wants!

  4. Cordanim says:

    I find when I 2-box on separate (just like Gaff with the healer on the notebook) I tend not to miss the AF breaks, etc as much as when I have to always ALT-TAB…but it is convenient to run them both on the notebook when we’re just lounging in the rec room with the TV on etc. 🙂

  5. Stargrace says:

    Ah.. I would never wanna use two accounts on two separate machines out of personal preference, hate the idea of two keyboards, two mice, etc. I can just use one for everything and I have become pretty accustom to being able to catch the AF if it ever breaks and I can run two gals fairly well… Cordanim should know, since we did obelisk of blight tonight with my 62 defiler as the only healer.. and only 4 people in the group, lol.

  6. Stargrace says:

    *pokes around looking for updates*

  7. Kilanna says:

    *sigh* Husband got his new PC last week and I am drooling cos EQ looks so pretty too.

    My PC has been misbehaving terribly at the moment – I am hoping a rebuild re-install of the client will help until I can get a new PC later in the year.

    I hope real life is treating you well even if a little busy. Miss your updates 🙂

  8. Tipa says:

    So, get an ATI card and? Your computer blows up so badly you can’t post for a month? 🙂

    “I really liked my ATI card. Deep. vibrant colors. No lag or slowdown whatsoever. Every slider to “11”.”

    “It was very clever — it was days before we found out what had happened to the dog. It was my fault in a way… I’d been playing with Photoshop, and then the card ran out of “red”.”

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