Gaff in Space

After yet another hiatus, I return to update!  Several factors, all of them mundane, have driven me from posting of late.  However, I seem to be breaking new ground in a number of directions.  First, I have subscribed to EVE Online. The game is mostly a mystery so far, despite some help from Wilhelm.  I am currently training some basic skills, but am stuck trying to figure out the skill system as a whole.  I can’t bring myself to pay another $20.00 for a second account, so I will be skipping the two-boxing experience for now.  I did print off a mining guide this morning, but need to do some more digging for online resources–read “Ask Wilhelm for links.”

New podcast:  Shut Up. We’re Talking.  I have not had a chance to listen to the entire library of older shows, but kudos to the evolving crew of hosts and guests.  It is worth a listen.

Everquest 2: I can’t seem to stay away from this game.  I especially can’t stay away with both my accounts–this time I have essentially forgone any hopes of raiding, as my old guild reformed into a “hardcore” (their words) raid guild, requiring 75% attendance.  This is not suited to those of us with full time jobs that start before 7 am.  Instead, I am enjoying the freedom of playing a variety of characters with little to no goals in mind.  Instead, I am focusing on harvesting (to keep my drink cash flow going) and leveling two new toons, a warlock and inquisitor.  The beauty of EVE’s “waypoint and forget” travel allows me to harvest in both games while still watching a movie on the other monitor.  Yay for multitasking.

World of Warcraft:  A friend and former collegue conned me into starting fresh on a PvP server.  I made a druid–the 6th or 7th so far, and ground it out to 44.  EVE and EQ2 took care of that problem, though the account is still live.  It is still up in the air as to whether I will return.  I was ganked far fewer times this incarnation than before Burning Crusade–apparently some of the 70s have found better things to do.

Lord of the Rings Online:  Despite the heat issues, LotRO failed to deliver, at least for me.  I am surely not unique in my viewpoint, but suffice to say the only real impression that the game made with me was its graphics.  They are unique and well-crafted.  However, being in a great looking game with nothing to do makes for a boring afternoon.  Both accounts have been cancelled.

Overall, I think I have been most impressed by the graphics and soundtrack of EVE Online, though these have been lauded elsewhere.  In EQ2, my discovery of “Darklight Wood” and its host of quests has kept my new duo busy–they will soon graduate to a T3 zone, where I must decide whether EoF or Nek/TS is a better fit.


3 Responses to Gaff in Space

  1. Kilanna says:

    Awesome to see you back!!

    I was grouped with a guild friend last night on his inquisitor – Oh man they completely rock.

    Nothing to stop you doing both Nek/TS and EoF for the aa 🙂

  2. Gaff says:

    Yep–was thinking that too. My problem is aggro control. I would like to have the inq tank since the plate mit is so high. I cannot seem to out aggro the warlock dps, however.

  3. Ceadrick says:

    I’ve been playing EQ2 for about three months now. I went back and forth between those areas. Just seems like I out leveled the areas before I was finished with them. Guess it makes for good replay. Have fun with whatever you decide.

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