Gaff’s Orbit Deteriorates…

Something about EVE just fails to satisfy me.  At first I thought it was the lack of clearly defined goals, but I soon realized building bigger and better ships, making money, and learning how to use interface were all worthy aspirations for a novice pilot like myself.  Next, I could not figure out how to train skills.  In fact, I couldn’t figure out how to do much of anything without asking Wilhelm or Potshot.  However, I soon found the “required skills” tab on various ships, drones, etc. and was quickly mining and buying the appropriate book like a seasoned pro, minus the “knowing what I was doing” part.

On my drive home from work today it hit me.  I knew why the great spacescapes, the cool ships, the attractive complexity of it all would soon fade from my monitor.  I couldn’t drive the ships.  I couldn’t fly a ship the way I had always seen my favorite space jocks kill the bad guys.  I am a former FPS fanatic, and I have a number of joysticks laying around gathering dust.  When I get into the cockpit of a ship, even if it is the equivelent of a flying coal car that I’m orbiting space rocks with, I want to pull back on the stick to bring her nose up.  I want to yaw and map buttons to trim and burn whatever pushes ships in EVE.  In short, I want to be a pilot.

While this isn’t the only issue I have with the game, it certainly would “immerse” me much more fully if available.  My reaction time is nothing compared to a 15 year old, but from Battlefield 1942 through BF2 I could at least take out a few grunts behind the collective of a helo in league ladders and matches.  Just the ability to pull a trigger and put fire on a target was enough to keep me playing for months–EVE has the pilot lock target and let the ship do the work–from my point of view it seems to be about training the right skills and putting the right gear on board, not ones own ability to aim at those pesky pixels 10 km away.  Even in WWII sims, ie. Silent Hunter, Destroyer Commander, Aces of the Deep, etc. I would take control of my guns manually to hose targets.  I think I understand the data stream argument for the click and move versus W-A-S-D interfaces, but for now I may come back to my WoW pvp toon and the two boxing joy of EQ2.

Now, what skills to train this month in case I change my mind?


4 Responses to Gaff’s Orbit Deteriorates…

  1. Wilhelm2451 says:

    Caldari Cruiser and some missile skills. We’ll go kill rats in low sec where it is dangerous.

  2. tipa says:

    Woot! You’re back!

    I may try EvE again. It was fun in an afk kind of way. Wonderful screenshots, but I found the grouping kinda simplistic — big capital ships pull enemies to you and kill things from afar, smaller frigates doing the mopping up.

  3. Gaff says:

    Gah, Caldari Cruiser skill starts at around 450k. Oof.

    Hi Tipa! Thanks for the welcome.

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