Old Lonely

My summer gaming has come to a close–I’m back in class and working long days.  In one way this is somewhat of a boon.  Instead of having a large chunk of time each day to grind a ‘toon, the opposite is now true.  I get an hour, if I’m lucky, when I get home from work.  This has made my focus much more narrow, and put a sudden stop to my summer game hopping.  From LotRO, to PVP WoW, EQ2, Silent Hunter III, and most recently EVE Online, I flittered between games with sporadic focus at best.  Without the luxury of time, I rarely get much more than a start on some real grinding/questing before its time to log and focus on the next work day.

World of Warcraft earned me a brief break this summer, but soon left me feeling the same grind countless bloggers have explored–the narrowness of leveling paths, the ganking, etc. and I moved back to Everquest II.  My hiatus from Norrath broken, I found my former raiding guild had reformed as a hard-core raiding force with a stringent attendance policy.  In short, any attendance policy is stringent if you teach and coach.  I was out of a guild, besides my standby Shades of Twilight triumvirate with Wilhelm and a friend from the MUD days.  Fine for getting those status points, but we don’t run instances.

In fact, after rerolling a couple new toons, I am getting a little lonely.  The active people we do have in the guild all have raiding toons in other guilds and I am not prepared to commit to a schedule I know I cannot keep.  There are no tells coming to Gaff, minus the spam, and while I am normally perfectly content to grind alts, it hasn’t been the case of late.  As I look towards RoK, what will I do with my endgame toons?  Without a larger group to play with, the vast amount of content is closed to me.  My coaching season will end just about the time the expansion is released, and I think I need to find a casual guild that hits some of the group content at least, and raids occasionally at most.

But how to begin the process?  Which would be a good fit for me?  I can look at the guild search page, but of course that tells me little of what I really want to know–what are the people like? Are they fun? Helpful? Can I participate in some group content with what weekend time I have?  Perhaps I should just quit whining and take the plunge!  Now, how to get Blintz to go with me…


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