Me Cubed

Wilhelm sent me the latest in a long line chain posts–in fact, I will be hard-put to name four bloggers at the end of this post who have not posted their lists.  Here are my lists of four:

Four jobs I have had in my life, not including my current occupation:

  1. Anti-tank guided missile gunner, infantry, 0352 USMC
  2. University composition instructor (and yes, this is juxtaposition)
  3. Greenhouse laborer
  4. Hardware store deptartment manager

Four movies I have watched over and over (and over):

  1. Most Cirque Du Soleil shows–including Dralion, Quidam, La Nouba, and Varekai
  2. Branagh’s Hamlet, for professional reasons.
  3. Barbie and the Twelve Dancing Princessess–some of you will understand why.
  4. Gettysburg

Four places I have lived–the Coast to Coast version–hrm, I need a list of about 12 here…:

  1. Jacksonville, North Carolina (born here, lived there twice)
  2. Oceanside, California
  3. Emporia, Kansas (my MMO birthplace, also the historic home of William Allen White)
  4. Asheville, North Carolina

Four shows I love to watch:

  1. “The Daily Show”
  2. “The Colbert Report” (this seems obligatory)
  3. “Mythbusters”  Geek Alert here.
  4. The News.  Really.  Local, national, and cable; I watch it all.

Four places I have been on vacation:

  1. Glasgow, Scotland
  2. Quetico canoe area, somewhere in Canada…
  3. Tijuana, Mexico
  4. Lake Pomona, Kansas (See the How to Trot Line page for pictures of the fishing!)

Four of my favorite foods:

  1. Steak–KC Strips.
  2. Beef and pork burnt ends.
  3. Ribs.
  4. Over-easy eggs, runny–FYI, I do not have a cholestrol problem.  Really.

Four favorite drinks:

  1. Iced tea with lemon.  I refuse to say “sweet tea” as it is redundant you blue-bellies.
  2. Lemondaide.
  3. Coffee
  4. More coffee.

Four places I would rather be right now:

  1. In my boat, on a lake, with a fishing pole.
  2. In Norrath–wait, I am–under this window…
  3. On a boat in the Gulf Stream, fishing pole, etc.
  4. Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium.  Hrm, with a fishing pole or a harpoon.

Four people, because I have to list four, who I would like to see do this (and I’m betting some of you have…)  I apologize in advance.

  1. Davyydeous at Timesink because I am envious of his photo skillz.
  2. Tipa at West Karana, though I’m sure someone has passed this to her already…
  3. Wearfannypacks at MMO Evolution because of the great comments!
  4. Kilanna, but I can’t.

9 Responses to Me Cubed

  1. p@tsh@t says:

    Ahh. See these memes aren’t so bad. I’ve got some peeps in NC. Fayetteville to be exact and several military.

    I wont hold Branagh’s Hamlet against you. It could have been Gibson’s… But seriously, what do you think of Olivier’s? Jacobe’s? Certainly not the budget, but…

  2. Gaff says:

    I actually don’t care for Branagh’s to tell you the truth. I use it in class–I cover the TV and have the kids read along. I think that Branagh over acts in much of the play. The movie happens to follow the play almost exactly, which the others do not, and that is the only reason I use it. I have Olivier’s and Gibson’s, and the kids tend to enjoy Gibson’s the most. When they see black and white they immediately think its dumb. I think Olivier’s is the best, however, and show them some of that as well. I also do MacBeth with the sophomores, and typically use Polanski’s, minus the naked witches.

    I used to live in Fayetville, actually. Like I said, I needed 12 blanks. My mom is a retired civil servant, and she worked on Bragg for the Green Berets–right when they went to rescue the hostages in Iran. I was a kid, but got to go out there on occasion to hang out and eat in the chow hall. Pope AFB is there as well, and there were always sonic booms and air shows. In the regional slang, they call Fayetville “FayetNam” because of the swams and climate–it is friggin miserable.

  3. tipa says:

    Astoundingly, I have not yet been tagged! (Until now, that is).

    I love Branagh’s Hamlet, too; just watched it for the first time last month, since I missed it in theaters.

  4. tipa says:

    Oh, let’s talk Hamlet, shall we?

    Branagh’s — yes, total overacting (I think I mentioned that in my review). Totally over the top. But he didn’t cut out the whole armies-marching-through-Denmark thing.

    Olivier’s — and he underacts! He’s so subtle, holding things so close most of the time, it’s hard to tell what he’s really feeling most of the time. I suspect, in Shakespeare’s time, the actors would have tended more to Branagh than Olivier. Given that, the whole play-within-a-play thing was done WAY better in Olivier’s version. I felt Branagh’s loudness was out of place.

    Gibson — it was really short, but I liked it. If I were doing an amateur Hamlet, I’d do his. All the good bits + lots of fighting.

    Kevin Kline — Saw his on PBS, very minimalist, I really enjoyed it. I’d have to see it again to be sure it was my favorite, but I believe it might be.

    Kyle McLachlan/Ethan Hawke — someone saw Romeo+Juliet and decided the world needed this. No, it didn’t. The only Hamlet with the guts to cut out the “2B+!2B” speech. I did like the modern corporate setting, I thought that worked very well. A cameo by Bill Murray (as Polonius) was pleasant, but as a visit from a friend is pleasant.

    and just for fun…

    Stoppard’s “Rosencrantz & Gildenstern Are Dead” — Hamlet as seen from the viewpoint of two minor characters — they are onstage when, in Hamlet, they are offstage. It’s funny, but more than that, sheds a new light on Hamlet, making you consider old things in new ways.

    And Steve Martin’s “L.A. Story” which, among the other things it references, is the graveyard scene that greets Hamlet on his return to Denmark (the Alas, Poor Yorik scene), with Rick Moranis as the gravedigger.

  5. […] at Trot Line tagged me with this latest meme I can’t think of anyone to pass it too, so it ends here, but […]

  6. Roger Heineken says:

    The spirit of William Allen White will welcome you to Emporia, Kansas. Heck, we all will.
    The Sage’s home is now a state historic sight and is welcoming the world back to Emporia. We are just off I-35.

  7. Gaff says:

    You know, every time I mention Emporia someone new pops up–I went to college at ESU and did my student teaching at both Emporia High and Emporia Middle School–I also subbed in that district at one time.

  8. Kilanna says:

    Barbie and the 12 dancing princesses?????? The things you have to put up with as a Dad eh! Your daughter will thank you for such quality time in the future you know 🙂

    Did you like Glasgow? I went back about 10 years ago and spent time with my family and loved it. Maybe it was the family connection, or going back to the place I was born and learning a bit about where my parents grew up, but I thought it was an amazing city!

  9. Gaff says:

    Yes, I enjoyed Glasgow. I also went over to Edinborough and to Inverness. It was a great trip and the people were friendly.

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