When We Left Lonetrek–The LowSec Missions

After playing around in highsec space for the last week or so–probably the most active continual period I have had in EVE to date, I decided this morning that not only was I willing to lose a ship, but that I was going to find something better than kernite to mine, damn the torpedoes and all.  I left our new Corps HQ in Amarr space with my current miner, the Osprey.


My first plan was to find a .5 system, thinking that this would yield something better than kernite–after searching numerous asteroid fields with no luck, I looked at the map again–a couple jumps away was a .4 system.  I flitted over to find it unoccupied and was quickly on some nice Jaspet. (Edit–tried some more .5s after this sortie; still no luck finding any better ore).

A few minutes in, a yellow-shaded target jumped into the field, and I quickly made my way out–in the meantime I was flying my hauler, a mammoth, out to the system.  The mammoth is on a newer account, and having never changed the settings in the routing window, I was suprised to find myself in .2 space a couple of times.

By the time I had arrived at a gate, the pilot assured me that I wasn’t going to be killed, and I set about getting back to my can.  I had already resolved to lose a ship in this business, if necessary, and I had a lot of new ore in that can–it was worth the risk.  In fact, he left me alone, sitting out about 30 km from my mining operation, even when the mammoth showed up–he swatted the pirates for me as well.  I should have stayed and filled up my GSCs.

Instead, greed being the better part of my nature, I decided if .4 space was so nice, why not try those .2 systems?  Off I went, parking the mammoth in a station while the Osprey went out to fill up a jet can with appreciable ore.  I was able to get some hemorphite on board and to move my mammoth back out without any issues–leaving after I saw more people jumping in on the local channel.  I made my way to another .4 system on the way back to Amarr, and hit upon some more Jaspet.

I had just started to mine, thinking I would get to fill my hauler–until an assault ship warped into my area and immediatly scrambled my warp drive.  The last thing I saw in the brief encounter was his Ogre IIs heading my way and then I was in my pod–I quickly warped out, though he probably let me go.  The results:

I must add that the lack of an original name for my attacker makes this burn a little more than it would of otherwise.  I didn’t mind losing the ship–it was certainly a lot more exciting that mindlessly mining in a .7 system. 

The Mammoth was safe, at least, and had some new ore onboard.  I waited for quite sometime to leave as the ganker sat in the system for over an hour after the incident, worried that perhaps he saw the same Corp name on my hauler pilot and knew where the loot was.  I even peeked out of the station in my pod before making a dash for the exit.

After looking up the pilot in the kill log, the end result was death by Swede, loss of my mining platform, a 3/4 full Mammoth with Hemorphite and Jaspet, and a drive to search out Electronic Counter Measures to allow me to mine with a little more impunity.

What are my first steps?  CPU is a bottleneck at the moment, though I’m on my way towards a barge of some sort.  I may fit two warp core stabilizers at the expense of one of my miner IIs on the Osprey if I go back into the lower security systems.  I also would like to at least delay the targeting system of these guys, as he had me locked up almost upon jumping into the belt.

I am, of course, trying to entice Wilhelm into bringing something along as well, if just to give a pirate multiple targets when we are mining.  I have not refined or sold the ore yet, so I’m not sure how much the operation netted or lost.


4 Responses to When We Left Lonetrek–The LowSec Missions

  1. Gaff says:

    Hiya Tipa 🙂

  2. […] Once back in Amarr space, Gaff grew dissatisfied with mere kernite and decided to go after some low sec treasures. He managed to bring out some goodies in his hauler before somebody in an Ishtar came along and made junk out of his Osprey. Still, he probably netted out positive on the deal, like when lag killed his Caracal the other night. You can get his view here. […]

  3. Shame says:

    Need new reading material…and don’t start crying about work!

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